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Fails The Top 20 Greatest Stripper Pole FAILs of 2010  

Greg Stopera
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It's the last month of the year and it's time to start making all the important countdowns. First priority: girls falling off of stripper poles while trying to impress the room by pole dancing. Here are twenty videos that prove that you really should just leave the pole dancing to the med school student/aspiring-actress/just-moved-here-from-the-Ukraine professionals.

Boom Boom BOOM

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This is probably the most popular one of 2010 and the one that really sticks out in my mind for many reasons. Enjoy this video.

The scene: A girl stares deadpan into the camera and says the words "strip pole", sounding kind of slowed down (either that or she's got more testosterone running through her veins than three of me do). She's wearing a shirt that she probably had to make on a field trip, but now it's time to be sexy. It's time to show everyone they were wrong and that she IS worth something and can be just like every body else.

She's pumped, you're pumped, everything's ready to go.

And when the music starts and the drop happens in perfect sync with the music, it happens right in the spot where you would clap along if you were white, and the girl falls out of frame, amazingly.

Boom boom boom boom indeed.

Girl's Underwear Gets Stuck on Pole

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Very few of the flat out "the pole gave out" or "I simply let go and *THUD*" FAILs on this list measure up to the amazingness of a girl pulling off a move really well, and then learning the hard way that you don't wear granny panties if you're going to be pole dancing in a dress.

This girl goes over the pole, which is perfectly grounded, pulls an upside down move and, well, her undies get stuck on the pole, stretching out to their very limit. A bouncer has to come remove her underwear, and her, from the pole and stage.

Newly Installed Home Pole Fail

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It's a party. Girls are shakin' they booties, white bitches are gettin' down and everything is fine in the world. What could be better? If the guys set the stripper pole up for the girls, so everyone can get a free show. Great idea!

The greatest part of all of this (other than the idea) is the fact that a guy tries his best to knock the pole down. He secures it and gives the girl about to perform every reason in the world to think that everything is perfectly okay.

To his credit, he did hit it pretty hard and it did seem fine. Little did they know they dislodged it and when she falls, the guy is on his phone texting. He didn't even get the full enjoyment of what he would be blamed for for the rest of that girl's life. Hilarious.

My Grandma's Bed

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What happens?
Girl attempts to strip dance using her grandma's bedpost.

Why is it bad?
Well, it's her grandma's bedpost. An awkward place to strip dance, no?

When does the magic happen?
Because the bedpost doesn't stand a chance.