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My top twenty favourite musicals of all time!
Les Misérables: The Dream Cast... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Top 20 Musicals
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An amazing musical, everything from the songs to the composing to the casting is perfect. They've been many interpretations but this is by far my favourite - with Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean, Philip Quast as Inspector Javert, Lea Salonga as Eponine and Ruthie Henshall as Fantine, it really is the dream cast. My favourite songs would have to be Who Am I? - The Trial sung, Javert's Suicide and Stars. Although I find the plot around the escaped convict Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert to be the most interesting aspect of the story, with years of conflict and huge moral choices which shape the lives of the people around them, I find the love story of Cosette and Marius a little tiresome, although it does although for Eponine's touching tale of heartbreak as the one she loves falls for another woman. Definitely my favourite musical of all time! see more on Les Misérables: The Dream Cast in Concert
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A lot of people dislike Moulin Rouge! as it's very fast-paced and a bit frantic. True the constant camera changes are annoying, and there is a lot going on but I love how all the many stories of this movie interwine, I never personally had trouble keeping up but some people may wish for a bit of a reprieve at some point. A lot of the songs are recycled from elsewhere, 'Diamonds' from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Madonna's 'Material Girl' and 'Like a Virgin,' but it's the songs written from the musicals are those that stand out the most - Elton John's 'Your Song' is a classic which has been reproduced by many artists since its release, including its most recent release by Ellie Goulding. The film's beautiful to look at though, the sets are stunning with all the pomp and pageantry of a real theatrical production. The movie's stars have amazing voices, especially Ewan McGregor who I think surprised many people with his ability to sing not only well but with intense emotion. The highlight of this musical for would be 'Le Tango de Roxanne,' perhaps my favourite musical song of all time - intense, dark and full of emotion, the crescendo of the movie. see more on Moulin Rouge!
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Chicago is a popular favourite with musical fans and general movie-goers alike. There's many brilliant songs, but enough space between them to not get on the nerves of those who don't appreciate a big song-and-dance every thirty seconds. That being said I believe it's hard to not find at least one song to like in this musical, whether you're a fan of broadway or not, my personal favourite is 'The Cell Block Tango,' it's intricate, clever and you can feel the murderesses' rage when they belt it out. The plot is also well-written, reflecting how you can away with almost anything as long as you can grab enough headlines. Renee Zellweger was surprisingly good at singing, although not amazing, but it's Catherine Zeta-Jones who steals the show as Velma Kelly, who's not afraid to do what it takes to achieve fame. A brilliant film, a lot of fun and full of amazing musical numbers. see more on Chicago
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One of Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpieces, The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running Broadway musical of all the time as well as the highest-grossing entertainment event of all time. Safe to say there's a reason for its success - not only Webber's amazing compositions, but lyrics (mostly) by Charles Hart and voices such as Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman it's no wonder it's so popular. Now, this may be a controversial view, but I actually much prefer the voices of Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum, but that's all down to taste. The high point of this musical for me personally is 'The Music of the Night,' although the title song packs a lot of power it's the slightly more understated song which follows it which has always been my favourite, more emotional and melodious. The story is also one to spark emotion in the audience as you struggle to decide whether The Phantom is a cold-blooded murderer or simply a man driven mad by the cruelness of the world, a conflict of morals which makes you feel much more involved in the plot than with more outlandish or light-hearted musicals - a must see for any musical-lover. see more on The Phantom of the Opera