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The Greatest Metal Albums Of The 2010s, Ranked

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Here are the best heavy metal albums of the decade, ranked by fans everywhere. Featuring popular music from some of the biggest metal bands today, this list of the top 2010s metal albums includes black metal, thrash metal, metalcore, and other subgenres. From Ghost's 2010 album Opus Enonymous to High on Fire's 2019 Grammy-winning album Electric Messiah, the 2010s decade is filled with so many good metal albums.  

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  • 1

    "The Shooting Star"



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  • 2
    Judas Priest

    Release Date2018

    Genres (Music)Heavy metal, Speed metal


    "Lightning Strike"

    "Evil Never Dies"

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  • 3

    "The Threat Is Real"


    "Fetal Illusion"

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  • 4

    Release Date2012

    Genres (Music)Progressive metal, Technical death metal, Groove metal, Thrash metal

    "L'Enfant Sauvage"

    "The Axe"


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  • 5

    Release Date2019

    LabelTool Dissectional, Volcano, RCA

    Genres (Music)Progressive rock, progressive metal, alternative metal

    "Fear Inoculum"



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  • 6

    Release Date1998


    TracksTimebomb, The Gate, Shadows From Heaven

    "If Eternity Should Fail"

    "Speed of Light"

    "The Great Unknown"

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  • 7


    "Atlas, Rise!"

    "Moth Into Flame"

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  • 8

    Release Date2012

    TracksLast Stand for Independence, Man Kills Mankind, Practice What You Preach

    Genres (Music)Thrash metal

    "Rise Up"

    "Native Blood"

    "Dark Roots Of Earth"

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  • 9
    Black Sabbath

    Release Date2013

    TracksDamaged Soul, Loner, End of the Beginning

    Genres (Music)Heavy metal

    "End of the Beginning"

    "God Is Dead?"


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  • 10

    "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel"

    "Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer"

    "O Father O Satan O Sun!"

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  • 11

    Release Date2010

    TracksRocket Skates, Risk, Caress

    Genres (Music)Progressive metal, Alternative metal, Nu metal, Post-metal, Experimental rock

    "Diamond Eyes"


    "You've Seen the Butcher"

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  • 12

    Release Date2011

    TracksPyre / Face in the Snow, The Devil's Orchard, Famine

    Genres (Music)Progressive rock, Progressive metal, Jazz fusion, Neo-progressive rock


    "The Devil's Orchard"

    "I Feel the Dark"

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  • 13

    Release Date2014

    TracksHalloween, Once More ’Round the Sun, Asleep in the Deep

    Genres (Music)Progressive metal, Sludge metal

    "Tread Lightly"

    "The Motherload"

    "High Road"

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  • 14

    "The Silent Life"

    "A Home"

    "Where Owls Know My Name"

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  • 15

    Release Date2011

    TracksFight 'em Til You Can't, Earth on Hell, Revolution Screams

    Genres (Music)Heavy metal, Alternative metal, Groove metal, Thrash metal


    "Earth of Hell"

    "The Devil You Know"

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  • 16

    Release Date2010

    TracksGive a Little, The Head and Heart, The Goal Is Your Soul

    Genres (Music)Speed metal, Thrash metal

    "The Green And Black"


    "Bring Me The Night"

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  • 17

    Release Date2012

    TracksBU2B2, BU2B2, Headlong Flight

    LabelRoadrunner Records

    Genres (Music)Progressive rock, Rock music, Hard rock



    "Clockwork Angels"

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  • 18
    Avenged Sevenfold

    Release Date2010

    TracksDanger Line, Natural Born Killer, Nightmare

    Genres (Music)Heavy metal, Hard rock, Alternative metal


    "Save Me"

    "Welcome to the Family"

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  • 19

    Release Date2014

    TracksOverride, The Negative One, The Devil in I

    Genres (Music)Nu metal

    "The Devil In I"



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  • 20

    "Nightmare Logic"

    "Soul Sacrifice"

    "Executioner's Tax"

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  • 21

    Release Date2011

    TracksStorytime (instrumental), Slow, Love

    Genres (Music)Folk metal, Symphonic metal, Film score, Power metal, Celtic rock


    "Turn Loose the Mermaids"


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  • 22

    Release Date2010

    TracksHow Dark We Pray, Frost Hammer, Bastard Samurai

    Genres (Music)Heavy metal, Sludge metal, Stoner rock

    "Snakes For The Divine"

    "Frost Hammer"

    "Bastard Samurai"

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  • 23

    Release Date2012

    TracksGood Night, Drop the Hammer Down, Electric Rattlesnake

    Genres (Music)Thrash metal

    "Come And Get It"

    "Electric Rattlesnake"

    "Wish You Were Dead"

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  • 24

    Release Date2011

    TracksSpectrelight, Blasteroid, Octopus Has No Friends

    Genres (Music)Progressive metal, Sludge metal, Alternative metal, Stoner rock, Groove metal

    "Curl of the Burl"



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  • 25

    Release Date2010

    TracksLand of the Free, Pandemic, Teutonic Terror

    Genres (Music)Heavy metal, Speed metal, Thrash metal, Power metal

    "Beat The Bastards"

    "Teutonic Terror"

    "The Abyss"

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List Rules: Vote up the 2010s metal albums we'll still be headbanging to for years to come .