The Best Of The Most Visited Tourist Destinations in America

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These stellar sights are the top 25 most visited tourist destinations in America, each offering something special that attracts millions each year. Most people have gone to these landmarks at one time or another and likely have wildly enjoyed their time there. Accordingly, they keep coming back again and again, making these attractions the most popular in the United States.

Some of these traveler's destinations are natural features, while some are man-made attractions. Among the natural wonders include the great sights like Niagara Falls in New York, the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, and of course the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Other hot spots are more man made, such as Time Square in New York City and the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada

Of course plenty of these locations were built specifically for tourists, such as the many theme parks and amusement parks across the country. Disney, Busch Gardens and SeaWorld are all well represented on this list as well.

These places are all popular among tourists for a reason--they represent their city or state to the fullest extent. Much like the best family getaways in America, these locations are sure to make memories for all who visit.

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