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This is a list of the 25 best Sopranos Episodes. Totally debatable.
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Long Term Parking

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Season 5 Episode 12 "Long Term Parking" is a big payoff episode. Adriana's swan song, and the beginning of the end for Christopher as well. Christopher's character arc takes a turn for the worse after he makes a fateful decision here. A choice that unfortunately does not get rewarded later on. Adriana's story ends in this episode, and it is bittersweet, and painful to watch.  

The FBI finds new evidence that they use as leverage against Adriana. Adriana relents and tries to persuade Christopher to go into witness protection with her. Tony and Carmela meet over lunch and work toward a reconciliation, which includes a new real estate project for Carmela. Johnny Sack delivers a stern ultimatum to Tony, who is hesitant to give up his cousin. ...more on Wikipedia

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Pine Barrens

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Season 3 Episode 11 "Pine Barrens" is just plain fun. An almost completely whole story unto itself, this episode stands alone as a unique insulated story. You could ask someone who has never watched the Sopranos before to check out this episode and they wouldn't need prior knowledge to enjoy it just the same. That said, it stands as a basis for future plotlines and essential character development.

While on a collection errand, Paulie and Christopher find themselves thrust into a deadly chase with a Russian in the frigid woods of South Jersey. Tony is caught between business, family obligations and Gloria's temper when he must deal with the crisis. Meadow's relationship with Jackie takes a bad turn when she discovers him with another girl. ...more on Wikipedia

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Season 2 Episode 13 "Funhouse" is not just a typical season ending episode, but a character study. Tony knows what he has to do in this episode but watching him come to the final decision is enthralling. There are some intersting dreams here, and a great scene in the boat while drinking tequila highlight an all time favorite.

"Funhouse" is the twenty-sixth episode of the HBO television series The Sopranos. It is the thirteenth and final episode of the show's second season. It was co-written by series creator/executive producer David Chase and co-producer Todd A. Kessler, and was directed by frequent The Sopranos director John Patterson. It originally aired in the United States on April 9, 2000, attracting about 9 million viewers. It was nominated in the category of Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. ...more on Wikipedia

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The Blue Comet

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Season 6 Episode 20 "The Blue Comet" is the episode that you probably invited people over to watch. Bobby's swan song, and the air of inevitability that seems to be woven into the fabric of this episode make looking away an impossibility. This season gets going like a freight train. As a viewer, you are hoping there is a way for some of your favorite characters to make it, but you know that's unreasonable. Watching this I remember thinking that all bets were off, and even Tony could wind up perishing during this series' coda.

"The Blue Comet" is the eighty-fifth and penultimate episode of the HBO television series The Sopranos. It is the eighth episode of the second half of the show's sixth season, the twentieth episode of the season overall. It was written by series creator and showrunner David Chase and Matthew Weiner and directed by Alan Taylor. It originally aired in the United States on June 3, 2007, two weeks after the preceding episode. In the episode, a mob war erupts between the Lupertazzi and DiMeo crime families, which leads to the shooting of people close to DiMeo boss Tony Soprano. In a parallel story, Tony's psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi gains some new insight on Tony and decides to drop him as a ...more on Wikipedia

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