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READ The Top 30 Republican National Convention Casual Encounters  

Greg Stopera
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This list brings together two of the most sexually outlandish forces in America: Florida and Republicans. The GOP really likes to get freaky and the gay community has a huge fetish for them. Huge. So everyone wins, really. While the whole country slept, Republicans had to wait an extra day in Florida for their National Convention to start, which gave them a lot of time to look for anonymous sex. Dudes (and just one pair of ladies) were looking for people of all shapes and sizes to have sex with. Here are the greatest, most ridiculous ones. People are awesome.

The Republican National Convention happened in Tampa Bay, Floriday in August of 2012, so these are all the Craigslist Casual Encounters posts from the time frame of the convention in the general area of Tampa.

Christians Are The Best


Hunting Buddies

This guy is weird for these reasons:

1) He's looking to blow/do his hunting buddy.

2) He has a passion for turkey hunting. Not just any kind of hunting, but turkey hunting. Either he was chased by a turkey and traumatized and now he's like Blade only for turkeys (only he's not half Turkey, even though his neck is pretty jowl-y).

3) If you read the whole thing you realize eventually that he only wants sex to make the Turkey hunting better.

Thanksgiving must be the best day of this guy's year. Every. Single. Year.


OBVIOUSLY This is What Speed Boats Are For


... ladies ;-)


I wonder how many people in the crowd of the RNC were sexting...

Either way, this is a GREAT plan.

Not only do you not have to meet a stranger, so it's really hands-off (pun intended), but you are going to have that girl's phone number. This increases your chances of getting laid because if you're building it up the entire time, you do the equivalent of what both parties are doing with their email blasts: they're doing the low-sell in order to get you in the door, in hopes that once you're there you'll spend more.

This is the please donate $3 of sex. Brilliant.