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When it comes to decorating it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends, and always make the most of the size and shape of the room you have. It’s understandable that not everyone lives in a huge house with large and perfectly square rooms as some of the decorating trends seem to assume. That’s why we have created this article to give you our top five decorating ideas that can be incorporated into any house, no matter what the shape or size of the rooms.

The Focal Point

The main reason focal points are so popular is because they create an interesting place to draw the eyes, instantly creating a more interesting room. And focal points can come in all manner of forms, and a popular choice is a stunning fireplace or a piece of art work, modern or old fashioned, depending on your choice of decor. If you do have a chimney breast wall, this is typically the best wall for your focal point as it already draws the eye naturally. If you do not have a chimney breast wall however, this is not a bad thing. This means you have your pick of all fours walls to use for your focal point!

The Feature Wall

The feature wall works very much in the same way as the focal point, only instead of just one main item drawing your attention, you can have a whole wall dedicated to it! A feature wall tends to be the wall that is set apart from the rest using bold patterned wallpaper or vivid paint, and all other walls should be designed to further accentuate the feature wall.

The Illusion of Space

Although typically done in smaller or harsh and angular shaped rooms, this does not mean it is not ideal for any room. The creating the illusion of space and symmetry using the strategic hanging of one or more large mirrors is a very simple trick of the mind, and gives the eye the illusion of there being much more space surrounding you than there actually is.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is simply a posh name for lamps and dimmer switches, but the right form of lighting in the right place can really set off a room and create the perfect ambiance. For example, in a kitchen some under cupboard lighting is perfect for spotlighting certain areas, and in a living room the use of different height lamps and dimmer switches for ceiling lights can help create a cosy ambience.