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The Top 5 Drinking Games

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These drinking games are sure to make any party into a crowd pleaser! Learn about the best Drinking Games here, and all the rules for those who got to drunk and forgot them!

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    Beer Pong

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      Quarters is perhaps the original drinking game, and can be played anywhere there is alcohol.

      Players sit around a table armed with a quarter. A cup (empty or full of alcohol, depending on your preference) is placed in the middle of the table, at least 10 inches away from all players. If the table is not big enough, just move the cup when it's a new player's turn.

      The players must bounce a quarter off the table and into the cup, in any way possible using only the quarter, the table and the cup. If successful, the player makes another player drink, and gets to try again. (If you're using a full cup, the assigned player must drink the whole cup and retrieve the quarter.)

      If the player missed the cup, the player to their left is passed the quarter and they get to toss.

      Some optional rules: If the quarter bounces off the rim, a re-toss is allowed. If the rim is struck three times in a row though, the player must drink.
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        Kings Cup

        There is more thinking involved in King's Cup, but never-the-less it is still a classic drinking game!

        When playing King's Cup, choose a person to go first and that person picks a card and flips it over so everyone sees it at the same time. Refer to the rules below to figure out what you need to do as a result of the card you just turned over. Player order then continues clockwise with the next person flipping a card and following the rule to it and so on and so on until the cards run out.
        2: F**k You - Person that flips picks someone to drink.
        3: F**k Me - Person that flips must drink.
        4: Floor - Last person to put their hand on the floor drinks.
        5: Guys - All guys must drink.
        6: Chicks - All girls must drink.
        7: Heaven - Last person to raise their hand drinks.
        8: Never Have I Ever - Person that flips this must say "Never have I ever ..." and say something people could have done. Anyone that has done that action must drink. Example: Never have I ever had a threesome (if you had a threesome now you drink).
        9: Bust-A-Rhyme - Person that flips says a sentence, the next person has to say a sentence with the last word rhyming with the previous sentence and this continues in player order until someone messes up or takes longer then 5 seconds and that person must drink.
        10: Sentence - Person that flips says one word then the next person says that word and adds another, the following person must repeat the previous said words (in order of how they were said) and add their own word. This continues until someone can't remember the words correctly and messes up the sentence and said person must drink. The sentence doesn't have to make any sense such as: I like beer with fried blue grass and pillows on the car.
        Jack: Categories - Person that flips picks a category and names something from it then you go in player order naming something in that category until someone repeats something or cannot think of something and then that person drinks. Example categories are: characters in dora, colors, brands of vodka, nissan models, NFL teams.
        Queen: Questions - Person that flips asks a random player a question. That player must then ask another player a question or answer the previous question with a question. The first person to not use a question must drink.
        King: King's Cup - Player that flips pours whats left of their beer into the center cup. The player that flips the last King must drink the King Cup.
        Ace: Make a Rule - Player that flips gets to make a rule up. Anyone who does not follow the rule must drink. Example rules: No cursing, You have to talk in an accent, No First Names, No Pointing, No saying drink drank or drunk.
        These rules can freely be altered for however drunk you are trying to get. For instance, it is typical when we want to go blackout to throw in the "waterfall" rule instead of one of these existing rules. Waterfall is where one person starts drinking, then the next person starts drinking and so on until everyone is drinking. You can not put down your cup until the person before you puts theirs down. Hence a "waterfall" effect.
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          I Never

          This is a great game for a group of close friends or people who really like to share hints of their dark pasts. Only supplies are people with enquiring minds, and beer. You probably won't get drunk playing this, but it's a great ice-breaker for a party.

          Everyone sits around around a table, or on the floor if you so desire. One person goes first by making a TRUE statement that begins with "I never...." For example, "I've never been to Disneyland." Then, if any other player HAS DONE what the person said, they simply drink.

          As the game progresses, the statements tend to get more personal and explicit. But the game only works when people are honest. However, if somebody drinks on an "I never..," no explanation is necessary. For example, if someone says, "I've never had sex with an inflatable doll," and someone ends up drinking to it, no explanation is needed, just a drink of affirmation.