fails The Top 5 Most Brutal Sports FAILs of 2010  

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The wide world of sports has seen many-a fail and many-a fall. Videos and slapstick accidents are one thing, but the real FAILs lie in the political, sexual and/or strategic mistakes that are made by athletes every single year. So, here is a retrospective of the year in sports decision FAILs, for your entertainment.

Brett Favre Sexts Jenn Sterger, She Doesn't Like It

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In October of 2010, it was reported that there was a picture of Brett Favre's penis floating around on the internet. It's no surprise that this was interesting to a nation of sports fans who have worshiped Brett Favre until his questionable multi-retirement phase recently. Also, why the hell not?

However, it became a lot more interesting when it was announced that these pictures were sent by Favre to a woman named Jenn Sterger, who is a Playboy model and former in-house sideline reporter (aka she's unbelievably hot and probably has a lot higher standards than going for a football player just about as past his prime as the Backstreet Boys are at this point.)

What happened was, Jenn Sterger was in talks with popular website about a swimsuit project, and joked about athletes who had unsuccessfully attempted to woo her. Favre's name came up, along with the subject of creepy MSS messages, which did, in fact, involve his penis.

Deadspin, of course, went public with the story, attaching Sterger's name to it, and photos leaked shortly after. The worst part? Favre, in his apology speech, is wearing the exact same watch he has on in one of the famous penis shots!

The worst part of the whole ordeal is that the picture he sent, which he meant to be sexy enough for her to either reciprocate or to do something about it, is of himself masturbating while, wait for it, wearing Crocs. Had he ANY taste, he probably could have avoided this entire thing.

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Lebron's Divorce From Cleveland

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In July 2010, after a week-long buildup that had everyone who'd ever heard of basketball talking, Lebron James decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for a larger salary and better supporting cast at the Miami Heat.

The breakup wasn't mutual.

Cavs majority owner Dan Gilbert had much to say about it, all of which he included in a Facebook message to fans of the Cavaliers' page.

In the letter are several remarks that borderline slander James, and it's clear that Gilbert isn't happy about his breadwinner abandoning the relationship.

Gilbert says things like "You simply don't deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal," and refers to Lebron as a "former hero." Things like this just make Gilbert sound like a 2nd grader who's pissed off that he lost a Pokemon duel, POG match, top-spinning contest or hate-crime aptitude test (I write for all generations).


So far, Cleveland is 7-19, bringing up the rear in their division, while the Heat are 20-8, meaning that Gilbert was clearly dead wrong (and kind of right in being so angry.)

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Cam Newton Gets An Illicit Heisman

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Reggie Bush of USC won the Heisman Trophy in 2005, but, in summer of 2010, there started to be some indecision about whether the now-pro star would keep it or not. This was due to allegations that Bush was offered compensation to choose to play for USC, which violates NCAA rules.

However, no eyebrows seemed to be raised when Cam Newton, an Auburn player who won the Heisman in 2010, did the exact same thing.

In this case, it was Newton's father who made the bribes, using a scouting service to solicit money from Mississippi State for his son to play there. Of course, Newton eventually chose Auburn, but dealings of this sort were still clearly out of line.

However, when the NCAA completed their investigation, it determined that Newton would still be eligible to play in Auburn's Championship game against South Carolina. The board ruled that, since Cam Newton did not know about his father's dealings, he should not be blamed for them which makes complete sense despite the complete lack of evidence for that "fact."

Newton still received the Heisman, marking a severe inconsistency in the rulings of the NCAA, rocking the sports world and continuing the tradition of controversy surrounding the Heisman in recent times.

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Tiger Woods Gets Caught Cheating, Texts Revealed in 2010

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Near the end of 2009, Tiger Woods was caught up in a nationwide scandal that trashed his multi-million dollar image completely. In one fell swoop, it was discovered that he had been cheating on his wife, and wooing porn stars with "sexting."

All of this was published on front pages across the country, and a man who used to be looked at as the pinnacle of golf perfection was now seen as the butt of numerous jokes, namely an entire South Park episode spoofing sexual addiction.

Nike efforts to re-spurn his marketing power failed, along with millions in endorsements for Woods, who went from a golf idol to a laughing stock in less than a year.

This really goes to show that even if you're #1, a bad sex scandal will still RUIN you. Although he might later be able to Bill Clinton his way out of it, for the next few years, this will be what defines him even if he's one of the greatest athletes in the history of his sport.

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