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As energy prices continue to rise, we are all thinking more carefully about how we use energy at home – but what about at work? Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, it’s more important than ever before to cut energy costs where possible.
Here are the 5 top ways to reduce business energy costs, from the most basic to the best.
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Be energy-efficient

Energy efficiency, along with energy consumption, is crucial to reducing your overall energy costs. Energy efficiency can make a big difference, and is quite simple to put into practice, for example:
• Try to use lighting only when needed: depending on the type of business, lighting accounts for between 20-50% of energy costs. Energy-efficient lightbulbs use up to 80% less energy than normal lightbulbs.
• A computer in sleep mode uses around 70% less energy, so if your company has a lot of meetings, consider putting all machines into sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity, for example.
• Investing in energy-efficient equipment can save money in the long run, as can replacing old equipment with new.
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Conserve energy where possible

Energy conservation is perhaps even more effective than energy efficiency: failing to conserve energy means you are using energy when you don’t need to, not just minimising how much energy you use.
There are plenty of ways that an office can conserve energy:
• Limit the time when heaters and coolers are used: advise people to open windows or wear extra clothing rather than use energy to heat and cool the office. Closing doors between rooms can keep heat in or out as required.

• If you cannot add natural light to your workplace, then consider installing presence-sensing lighting so lights are only activated when needed.

• Shut down computers, printers etc at the end of the day: a single computer and monitor costs over £200 a year if left on 24 hours a day.
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Use renewable energy

This might not be suitable for everyone (which is why there are some better ways to lower energy costs) but renewable energy is probably the most obvious. It can be expensive initially, but renewable energy is a much cleaner source of power and often pays for itself in time. Sensible installation can maximise the energy generated in this way by making best use of your location: you might have a large south-facing roof, or be situated in a particularly windy area.
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1. Optimise the energy you get

The energy you use isn’t just controllable once it enters your building: by reducing the voltage that is required to deliver the power to you, you naturally use less power. Once you incorporate voltage optimisation into your power supply, all of the other tips here will use even less energy than before – saving you even more money.

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