The Best Current Baseball Players Right Now

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From top hitters to the league's best pitchers, vote up the greatest players in the MLB right now.

Who are the best baseball players right now?  From rookies to veterans, the best MLB players consistently prove their talent on the field. From expert pitchers to top short stops to highlight reel catching outfielders these great current Major League Baseball players have made names for themselves by being better than the rest. There's sure to be plenty of debate around the best current MLB players. Who are the best baseball players right now? Which of the best Major League Baseball players right now do you love?

When it comes to the best current player in the MLB today, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, two of the most iconic and celebrated players to ever compete, deserve to be high up in the rankings, but a number of other challengers for the title—such as the defending champion Freddie Freeman who moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the offseason and the reigning NL MVP Shohei Ohtani. Not to mention other MLB stars like Mookie Betts, Jose Altuve, Cody Bellinger, and Jose Abreu.

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