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The Top 4 Anti-Immigration Activists Caught Using Illegal Labor

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Anti-immigration activists are staunchly against anybody coming into the U.S. and "taking our jobs." They believe in the true American values... of hypocrisy, under-paying hard workers and and breaking a little something we all like to call "the law." Well, at least the biggest supporters of anti-immigration policies do. Here are the most gloriously, ironically incriminating cases of people who've been caught in the act of breaking the laws they spend their entire careers touting.

From liberal to conservative, anti-immigration activists have inspired many racist political campaigns and supported many amnesty-free methods of either deporting or criminalizing illegal workers instead of actually wanting to fix the problem itself.

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    Lou Dobbs

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    Lou Dobbs who, among other things, has hosted a nightly show on CNN for years making millions of dollars off of demonizing illegal immigration, denying the necessity for amnesty and condemning anyone that stands for labor-outsourcing, foreign worker programs and even blaming foreigners for bringing 7,000 new cases of Leprosy to the U.S.

    Here's a scary thought, he is now possibly in the running to campaign for senator or president and is probably one of the most anti-immigration people in the political spectrum today, which is why he is #1 on this list.

    A longtime critic of illegal immigrants, it's easy to imagine Dobbs structuring his campaign around promises of reducing the number of illegal immigrants in the country. He may want to think again, though, according to recent news reports.

    To maintain his lavish properties and award-winning horses and horse stables clean and well-kept, he must be practicing what he preaches, right? Paying full-price for housekeepers, landscapers and stablekeepers, etc. Once again showing that not only does he have little to no respect for immigrants, but that he has even less for morality, Dobbs employed illegal workers to maintain his stables and homes.

    Dobbs apparently even introduced himself to the workers as "Luis".

    He knew full well that the workers were undocumented, but it was said that this was never a problem. Apparently it wasn't because the show-jumping horses were successful at many big competitions, which, in case you didn't know, actually trumps "the law" and makes anything you do to achieve those means legal. Loophole!

    Something tells me that his campaign for Senator and/or President might not go too well now.

    Click the video for a news report of all of Dobbs's actions and with two interviews with the illegal immigrants that he employed.
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    Meg Whitman

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    As the Republican candidate in the race to succeed Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger as Governor of California and former CEO of, Meg Whitman has illustrated her stance on illegal immigrants time and time again: no illegal immigrant should gain amnesty and that she’ll crack down on employers who break the law employing illegal labor.

    Here are two very strong quotes from Whitman regarding Illegal Immigrants:

    "I am 100 percent against amnesty for illegal immigrants. Period. As governor, I will crack down on so-called sanctuary cities like San Francisco who thumb their nose at our laws. Illegal immigrants should not expect benefits from the State of California. No driver’s license and no admission to state-funded institutions of higher education. And I’ll create an economic fence to crack down on employers who break the law by using illegal labor." ( Source )

    "I want to hold employers accountable for hiring only documented workers." ( Source )

    Well, unfortunately, she has to crack down on herself. Her housekeeper, whom she employed for a total of nine years, was here in the U.S. illegally. Whitman and her campaign maintain that the housekeeper presented what was considered acceptable documentation of legal employment and that any issue was never questioned and addressed... for nine years.

    No one but Meg Whitman knows why she felt obligated to fire her illegal housekeeper at the worst time possible: right at the time of her debate with Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Brown... which was aired on Univision. Latinos are a crucial portion of the vote and instead of hearing policies and ideas of about the f*ture of California, they heard Whitman give herself unwanted publicity and fire one of their own.

  • Mitt Romney is a well-known, vocal supporter of the deportation of illegal immigrants and is 100% against providing amnesty to illegal immigrants. He has opposed giving in-state tuition and driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Here are a few Mitt Romney quotes on immigration:

    "You have to have a wall or a fence or electronic surveillance. And you have to have a tamper-proof document to make sure that people who are here are aliens are identified and registered, and people can not hire them unless they’re here legally." ( Source )

    "Governor Mitt Romney is seeking an agreement with federal authorities that would allow Massachusetts state troopers to arrest undocumented immigrants for being in the country illegally. … "It’s one more thing you can do to make this a less attractive place for illegal aliens to come to work," said Romney." ( Source )

    So, naturally, when he needed some landscaping done, he did what any staunchly-Republican, conservative, anti-immigration politician that should do more than a simple background check on one manager of a company would do -- he hired a landscaping company that was well known for hiring undocumented Guatemalan immigrants .

    When the press asked him what he was thinking and implored him to give an explanation of the event, Romney simply said "Aw, geez" and walked away.

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    Michael Huffington

    Michael Huffington, former CA Republican representative and active LGBT activist, as well as anti-immigration politician (see, this list isn't black and white, unlike his picture) had this to say about illegal immigration:

    "We have cut corners, looked the other way and sent the wrong message--that breaking the law pays, that only fools go through the proper immigration channels. Well, no more. I believe Proposition 187 will finally draw a line between illegal immigration--which is harmful and divisive--and legal immigration--which is beneficial to the nation and to California."

    Well, that was before someone found out that he had employed an illegal nanny (a common theme in this list, as you'll notice) for 5 years at his home. Huffington said that his wife was responsible and that proper taxes were paid for.

    However, the efforts to rescue himself were lost when he lost his Senate campaign to Diane Feinstein, who holds the seat in the Senate to this very day.

    Funnily enough, many of the articles reporting the actions of others came from the Huffington Post, an aggregate news website founded by his ex-wife.