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The Top 6 Reasons Men Should Wear Pink

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Pink is often thought of as a feminine color. Here are a few reasons why men should consider sporting the color. Men wearing pink is one of the latest and greatest trends in the bright and bold world of male fashion. It seems these days that men who wear pink are getting all the ladies (or even other guys!) and are really on the cutting edge of what it means to be a stylish dude.

Men in pink are making countless statements. "I'm confident in my masculinity." "I support breast cancer research." "I think tracking down the perfect shade of pink is a worthwhile endeavor that brings me fulfillment and joy." Those kinds of statements. Whether it's guys wearing pink shirts, adding a pop of pretty pink to their look with an ascot, or popping the collar on a light pink polo (probably Izod, but each of the many guys wearing pink are unique and special in their own way), there are many ways for guys who wear pink to say, "look, here I am, rocking pink and just loving it!"

So why should men wear pink? You will have to scroll down just a little tiny bit and read more about the top six reasons for all the guys - gay, straight, or otherwise - to be looking fly in pink styles this season. If Ice-T does it, then you probably should, too!
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    Girls love it!

    David Beckham wears pink and he got Posh Spice (formerly Victoria Adams). Many women believe men wearing pink appear confident, sensitive and in touch with their emotions. Those are traits women find valuable in men, or at least that's what they say. Every little bit helps considering all the times men forget to open doors and all that sensitive junk.
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    It's a good opener

    When your trying to pick up on that hottie you can bring her attention to your pink apparel. Then you can tell her you support breast cancer awareness. Ya, that one sounds lame to me too but it works.
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    If you get lost

    If you get lost in a crowd it's easy for your friends to find you. Your the sensitive guy surrounded by women. Unless everyone is wearing pink then your screwed.
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    It's good for business

    That's right, it may actually help you in business. Psychological research studies have shown the color pink to have a calming effect. It relaxes people allowing them to put their guard down. During tough negotiations you need all the help you can get. Plus Donald Trump wears pink ties or shirts all the time. Ya who cares, but he's rich! Just don't wear a pink tie and pink shirt not even Regis Philbin can pull that off.