The Top 6 Wedding Dance Songs for Hipsters

If you're hipster in search of a wedding song for your first dance then fret not. No need not take a break from carefully tufting your hair or making sure that your skinny jeans are sitting low enough at the hip.

These are some of top wedding dance songs for those who don't believe in the industry machine of music charts... we guess. We've only listed six because a real hipster wouldn't wait around for a full set of ten since they have a jam session or art walk for Bolivia to go support.

  • The XX
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    The XX

    The XX - Crystallized

    "OMG honey, we have to play The XX because he's *so* relevant. You know, a "real artist" - he even commented on our "so-underground-it's-not-even-on-the-net" music blog once remember?!" - Hipsterette to F*ture Hipster Hubby

  • Interpol
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  • Elliott Smith
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    Elliott Smith - Between the Bars

    People like Elliott Smith exist because someone has to tell someone else during every significantly important time for music that they sound just like Jeff Buckley. Um, meaning, influences include the likes of Jeff Buckley.
  • Phoenix
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    Phoenix - Listomania

    We are so open to worldly cultures.
  • She & Him
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  • The Flaming Lips
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    The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?

    Do you realize that happiness makes you cry? Of course you don't. And The Flaming Lips are the best band in the world... even if they did reach the peak of their popularity in the early 90s and have since then been painstakingly slowly deteriorating. But that song about the robots is still totally relevant - right?