The Top 7 (Real) Voodoo Gone Wrong Stories 

Jennifer Lee
Updated February 21, 2020 251.2k views 7 items

It is easy to disregard voodoo as a thing of any real danger. However, the disturbing reality is that voodoo ends the lives of people in the US and around the world every year. It is a strong culture, especially in countries such as Haiti where belief in it is widely shared, but unfortunately has some dangerous rules and rituals that the devout occasionally carry out. This list is a collection of seven real life voodoo deaths and injuries, showing that it's not just child's play.

From horrifying scenes of being burned alive to absurd claims of being cursed, to mad passions masked by voodoo claims, this list has them all. Some of these instances are not the voodoo ritual themselves that cause the damage but are the consequences of belief in the same. The placebo effect, coupled with fervent belief and a desire for change, can be fatal.

So, here are the worst times that real voodoo has ever gone wrong and actually caused some (often unintentional) perishment in some way, shape or form. Warning: some of these stories may be difficult to read for some.

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Man Slays Mother-in-Law Over Voodoo Dust

Joseph Cazeau, 48, of Crown Heights, New York, called 911 in September of 2007, admitting to slaying his mother-in-law. His defense? "She was trying to hex me."

Cazeau had three children with the victim’s daughter, but was reportedly violent, difficult to get along with, and refused to help with house hold finances. During a recurring argument with 61-year-old mother-in-law Marie Tertel, Cazeau smashed Tertel’s face and head into the ground repeatedly after she threatened to use voodoo dust on him.

Man Cursed By Voodoo Takes His Own Life And His Children's

Frantz Bordes of Staten Island, 39, was put under a voodoo curse by a relative one day and ended up slaying two of his young children before jumping in front of a train to end his own life. 

In late August of 2006, Mercier, the mother of Bordes’ children, arrived home to find them drowned in the bathtub, with her husband nowhere to be seen. Mercier flew into a hysterical heartbroken rage and could not be controlled by neighbors or police.

Seven notes left behind by Bordes had been found by officials in his wallet and in the couples’ bed, written in rambling Creole and English. Bordes wrote that voodoo had been "worked on him" by a relative. Another note stated that "they" were trying to destroy him and "most of all they used voodoo." No previous charges or investigations involving the couple were found. 

Voodoo Curse Involved In Millionaire's Passing

In 2007, some mysterious allegations were made surrounding the passing of Seth Tobias. Although the blame for his perishment is widely given to his wife, Filomena, (who drugged him, tried to drown him in a bathtub, and then dragged him into the  pool when that didn’t work), the finger is now also being pointed at Voodoo superior who goes by the name of Mama.

Upon investigation, it was revealed Filomena paid Mamato put a curse on Seth, and to rid her house of evil. She was a believer in voodoo, charms, and spells, and believes that it is this — and not her human act of murder — that ended the life of her husband.

This is rather unbelievable however, as it has come to light that she recently found out Seth was engaging in a gay affair with his associate, Bill Ash. Was it a voodoo curse or just a jealous partner? Either way, at the very least, it was the placebo effect of the belief in voodoo that gave this woman the power to slay in the first place.