True Stories The Top 7 Drug Tunnels Along U.S. Borders  

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This is a list of drug tunnels along the U.S. borders. Drugs have been getting smuggled into the United States for decades now, and since 2001, over 100 tunnels have been discovered by the U.S. government, connecting the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. These tunnels can be found just about anywhere: behind fireplaces or under tiled floors, and can be large enough for railways to run through them. Some are even so sophisticated as to have electricity, running water, and ventilation, as well as running up to 2400 feet long.

Every year U.S. investigators find more secret tunnels originating from Mexico dug out by the cartels. While the government feverishly tries to smother the drug smuggling, the cartels keep on digging bigger and better tunnels to deliver their supplies up north. Check out these top seven drug tunnels that exist on the U.S. border.

Biggest Bust Ever

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Let’s start with the biggest one, which also happens to be the most recent one, eclipsing the previous record for "biggest one the authorities have ever seen." See a pattern here? Just wait for the next one. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with this doozy of a tunnel, which was found in February, 2014. 1,800 feet in length, or to put in more poetically, the length of six football fields. Ventilated, lit, and complete with spooky railway system, although the drawback was the 4 feet high by 3 feet wide size.

In the end, authorities seized 25 tons of pots (the largest amount ever connected to a drug tunnel) after they followed a suspicious tractor-trailer back to the warehouse on the American side. How did they notice the tractor-trailer? They were just driving around, it seems, and now they have uncovered this brand-new, month-old, and very busy drug tunnel. The next step? Fearing that the interruption in the ground it may cause sinkholes. How funny would it be to uncover a drug bust because this happened?
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Biggest Tunnel Ever

While our first entry holds the record for one of the largest busts ever undertaken, that tunnel doesn't beat the massiveness of the discovery back in January of 2006. 85 feet below the ground and 2,400 feet long. The news didn't report how many football field lengths that takes up. It was just too mind-blowing. Along with the sheer size, the tunnel featured concrete flooring, ventilation, groundwater pumping, and a pulley system. The tunnel was so big that authorities even doubted that the cartels were behind it, and instead suspected terrorist involvement. Hmm...

When discovered, the tunnel was devoid of activity, and the only sound authorities heard was probably the slick drip of the clay walls. But it did contain two tons of marijuana, hinting it was still being used.

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Canada and Marijuana

This one comes from the other border.

Three guys got the bright idea to smuggle in marijuana from Canada, so they started to build a tunnel. This being America, naturally, the neighbors got suspicious when they started noticing the large construction occurring in the greenhouse and all the piles of dirt that were being dug up. They called the cops and the cops decide to wait out the eight months of constructing the tunnel and secretly implanting cameras to observe.

When the first packs of marijuana went through, the three were seriously screwed (not like they weren't already). Officers raided the house and arrested them just like that. Eight months for nothing.

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The Anderson Cooper Tour

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This is an incomplete tunnel, but it shows the seriousness and tenacity the cartels have when building these things and the challenges governments face. When one tunnel falls, they build another, and here CNN's Anderson Cooper shows us the depth of how far these tunnels can go.

This particular tunnel brings a new marvel of engineering: a descending bathroom. Go to :30 to take a look at the hydraulically-powered secret entrance. Perhaps the password to smuggle drugs was to take a s**t first?

Featuring many of the commodities the previous tunnel such as lighting and ventilation, the builders here even managed to bring phone lines and phones. The sophistication of this drug tunnel is unparalleled, and you can imagine the depth of the operation that is going on here. The only weakness was security, but that doesn't mean they're not out building another one again right now.