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The Top 7 Manliest Swordfights in Film History

Updated 20 Sep 2019 226.3k views7 items

Scenes of swordplay have been entertaining filmgoers since long before the days of the nickelodeon. Old sword fighting movies were bloodless dance routines and could hardly be described as "fights." They were the martial equivalent of sitcom couples in separate beds. The best swordfighting movies only began to emerge in the past three decades as audiences craved more violence. 

As movie audiences grew more sophisticated, they craved more from their fight sequences. They needed to see the brutal reality of mortal combat, and movies with swords were just one way Hollywood satisfied this need. This sword fighting movies list promises to point you in the direction of such films - good sword fighting movies that depict skill, violence, and real action.. 

Real swordfights are bloody and vicious and, more often than not, fatal for one or more participants. Here are the roughest, toughest, bloodiest - in short, the manliest - swordfights ever committed to film. What are the best sword fight movies? Vote for your favorites and share with your friends.