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The Top 7 Most Insane Tweekers in Movie History

Updated February 21, 2020 197.3k views7 items

Movies about meth are not strictly morose affairs, proven by some of the movies on this meth movies list. Depictions of meth addiction in film have been cropping up more and more lately. Some deal with them matter-of-factly and without embellishment, while others are incredibly over wrought and straight out of a back to school special.

What are the best movies about methamphetamine? What are some of the most memorable movie tweakers? Here are the top seven most insane tweekers in film history. They're all pushed beyond reason thanks to meth and uppers. Unlike stoners in film, they're is nothing lovable about these guys.
  • Rupert Guest - Rules of Attraction

    Video: YouTube
  • Ross - Spun

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  • Sara Goldfarb - Requiem for a Dream

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