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Adrian Surley
My name is Adrian and I am an incontinent girl that wears diapers 24/7.

At its core, this site focuses on what it’s like to live with and embrace incontinence and diapers.  While much of what is published here will come from me and my experiences, I’ll also be joined by guest contributors who will recount their own stories and perspectives.  Together, we aim to provide adults who wear diapers — either for medical reasons or for pleasure — the best content and information about life with diapers, including:

StoriesArticlesPhoto EssaysVideosProduct ReviewsPollsSurveysSpecial Offers and Deals

We invite you to join in on the fun. Through comments and other interactive features, we aim to foster dialog and conversation so that all of us can learn from one another, help one another, and share our perspectives in a meaningful, tasteful and fun manner.

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Abysitter   USA - Added 28th Feb 2013. 
Welcome To The Crib.  My name is Cwis. I'm an abysitter; I've diapered well over 100 abies - well, mostly non-abies. You can read the circumstances behind that in my blog. 
I'll be using the Abysitter blog to describe growing up but being stuck at the Terrible Twos. I'll also recount stories of real-life diaper experiences. I'll explain what happens during sitter sessions. I'll post new photos here, a few days before they go up on the various diaper sites. Occasionally I'll offer commentary into the world of Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers. And I may even review a product or two.
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My ABDL Life  Sweden - Added 28th Feb 2013
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