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The Top ABDL (AB/DL) Websites

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List RulesCurrent ABDL Sites. Sites that have/are building a community. PLEASE VOTE ! It's Just for Fun !

A List of the best ABDL Websites. Mail me or leave a comment below if I have missed one and I will add.
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NB I'm looking for sites that have/are building a community.
Personal Blogs are unlikely to be included here but can be found here :
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    Daily Diapers

    Daily Diapers is the premiere community for Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Big Kids, Mommies and Daddies featuring over 24,500 FREE photos of diapered women, men and couples; Plus stories, diaper reviews, videos, personal ads, messageboards, polls and so much more! If you wear diapers, this is your online home!
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    ABDLvids  Watch our huge collection of over 900 handpicked Adultbaby & Diaperlover Videos.ABDLvids spots the best ABDL videos and they are being added every day. You can also upload or suggest a diapervideo if you want.

    ADDED 28/2/2013 
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    ABDL Reddit

    This subreddit is dedicated to all things related to Age Play, Adult Diapers/Nappies, Diaper Lovers and Adult Baby.

    ADDED 5/9/2013 
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    ABDL Community  This is a website devoted to the AB/DL Community. This community often gets a bad rap with the misinterpretation that it is about real babies or children, it's not. It's about diapers and adult infantilism which to the passer-by might seem obvious that it's about something that it isn't. All members must be at least 18 years of age to join and any member displaying interests in persons under that age will be deleted without hesitation.  So come meet some new friends with the same fetish and enjoy what this site has to offer!
    ADDED 28/2/2013 
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    DiaperMates DiaperMates is the internet's largest free personals community for Adult Babies and Diaper lovers, and is presented by - DiaperMates is intended for adults over the age of 18 only, and we do not allow photos of children, hardcore sex images, or poop/scan pics or vids.
    ADDED 28/2/2013 
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    ADISC is a supportive, social community, catering mainly to adults who wear diapers.

    Our members are: Adult Babies (ABs: adults who act babyish for fun)Diaper Lovers (DLs: people who enjoy wearing diapers)Incontinent people (ICs: bedwetters, the 'accident prone', etc)Babyfurs (BFs: people who act like baby animals for fun) Many of our members fit into more than one of the above groups.

    It is not necessary to wear diapers to participate here, though.
    Many appreciate other elements of the AB lifestyle, are a caretaker to ABDLs, or have an AB/DL friend and wish to learn more about it.
    ADDED 28/2/2013 
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    An AB/DL community dedicated to gay guys into diapers!
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    FetLife is a FREE Social Network for the BDSM & fetish community.
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    The purpose of this site is to give each visitor, whether they are a bed wetter (Enuresis), Adult Baby (AB), Teen Baby (TB) or a Diaper Lover (DL) they have a place of support, acceptance and understanding.

    Added 25th May 2014
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    The Adult baby and Diaper Lover video site YouTube for abdls share rate comment and upload DPRtube Diaper Yourself.

    ADDED 6th Sept 2013
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    Welcome To The Crib.  My name is Cwis. I'm an abysitter; I've diapered well over 100 abies - well, mostly non-abies. You can read the circumstances behind that in my blog.  I'll be using the Abysitter blog to describe growing up but being stuck at the Terrible Twos. I'll also recount stories of real-life diaper experiences. I'll explain what happens during sitter sessions. I'll post new photos here, a few days before they go up on the various diaper sites. Occasionally I'll offer commentary into the world of Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers. And I may even review a product or two.  

     Added 6th September 2013
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    DL Boy

    The most popular website within the Diaper and Wet community, has been on-line for about 10 years serving the DL, AB and WET community. With more than 100,000+ images in our photo and video albums, members from more than 40 countries have joined has fast become one of the biggest sites of its kind in the world and is still growing.
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    Wetting & Diaper Wonderland  Wetting and Diaper Wonderland is a great place to meet other like minded people. Browse our members, watch our movies, play games or chat the night away in our chatroom!  
    ADDED 28/2/2013 
  • 14

    For anything and everything omorashi ... Also known as "omutsu omorashi" in Japan ... Share your artwork with omorashi fans from around the world.

    Added 1/11/16

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    Diaper World

    Diaper World helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
    ADDED 5/9/2013
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    ABDLmatch - hey is someone rigging this to be No.1 ? is a dating site for the Adult Baby Diaper Lovers Community. 
    We are proud to say that the site was made for us and by us. 

    We offer the the slickest platform offering instant messaging directly on the site. Browse photos, make friends, and upload videos and most importantly find the perfect match for you. Our advanced searching capabilities help you find EXACTLY what you are looking for. 
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    ABKingdom    ABKingdom was born in March 1999, its purpose is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange on all layers and French followers worldwide. The site is free since its inception and is open to all, it now has more than 49,000 members. Site management and the various sections is provided by a team of passionate volunteers that formed over the years.
    ABKingdom est né en mars 1999, son but est d'offrir un lieu de discussion et d'échange à tous les adeptes des couches francophones et du monde entier. Le site est gratuit depuis sa création et ouvert à tous, il regroupe aujourd'hui plus de 49000 membres.

    La gestion du site et des différentes rubriques est assurée par une équipe de bénévoles passionés qui s'est formée au fil des années.

    ADDED 12th March 2013
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    The Big Little Podcast

    The Big Little Podcast show is an audio program by, about, and for age players of all kinds. We cover a broad range of age play topics, from diapers to discipline and topic shows to personal interviews.

    Added 28/1/15
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    Abdl 4 Ever
    Added 31/5/15
  • 20

    Little ABs Babyland
    We exist to serve the AB community as a whole without discriminating against anyone for their race, creed, color, sex or sexual orientation. The major contributors to this website, Babylover and Mama Jenn, are real mommies who wish to provide a wholesome and pleasing atmosphere for Adult Babies to learn and play. Since this is a site for babies, albeit superannuated, neither pornography nor profane language will be tolerated nor espoused. This site is dedicated to maintaining the ideal of infantine innocence within a cloak of a mother's warmhearted, all-forgiving love and affection for those adults who need to take a vacation from their adult worries, troubles and responsibilities by becoming innocent babies again for a short time. Ours is a site of acceptance and maternal love rather than of punishment and domination. As mothers, we want our babies to have fun as well as to learn and grow intellectually. We don't expect that our babies will ever be out of diapers, but we are pleased to help them navigate the rocky path to self-acceptance and inner peace with themselves. We are mommies who want to help, protect, amuse and solace all of our babies, especially those babies who have become so large that no one else will listen to them as babies and deal with their baby needs. As mommies our message to Adult Babies is that we love and care for each and every one of you, no matter who you are! You are all our babies who can come to us for our advice, protection and maternal love!"
    ADDED 3/5/19

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    Making real life AB/DL meetings a reality !!
    This is a private, members only, social website.
    The site is open to any UK resident over the age of 18 who wishes to meet up with other AB/DL's.Membership is FREE, but you need to submit a Membership Request and be approved by an administrator.

    Added 13th June 2014
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    57 Diapers Forum;ox=showcat;cx=458# is a popular and an open-minded community, come as you are. 

    Membership is free

    Members have access to the many features not available guest users.  

    All sections are visible. 

    Guests do not see everything. 

    Always real-time content. 

    Guests always see cached pagesInformation of things new since your last visit.  

    Share your point of view in the forums. 

    Publish articles on your blog

    Use the search feature to find any content and members. 

    Add your classified to meet someoneView and share pictures with members

    Join an event or create yours to meet people

    Exchange private messages with all members

    ADDED 4/3/2013

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    RU Padded - NO LONGER ACTIVE :(   We are one of the largest AB/DL and Diaper Fetish social networking sites on the internet and our goal is to bring people that share these interests together. We do this by allowing members to create free profiles, upload photos and video as well as share links to venders and other personal sites. We help promote parties and get-togethers in our events section as well as allow groups on the site to help you meet people that you have even more in common with. Start your own group or join in with others it's totally up to you.
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    ABDL Pixel  The AB & DL Community Powered Site.  You Have found your way to the best community powered adult baby and diaper lover community site on the web.  All of the content is added by the members and powered by the community and all of your friends content and posts can be found on the home page, displayed as a timeline down the page!
    ADDED 28/2/2013 
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    Wetpantsboy A vibrant community for all those into pee desperation, wetting or pooping in their clothes, and more! You must be over 18 to access this site

    ADDED 13th March 2013