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The Best Adventure Anime of All Time

Updated June 14, 2019 155.4k votes 22.4k voters 418.5k views91 items
Ready to go on an adventure? Here's our list of the best adventure anime of all time, ranked by anime fans like you. What classifies an anime as an adventure series? The characters in the show are typically on some kind of journey, traveling unfamiliar territory and working towards some kind of goal. In Samurai Champloo, the main characters are traveling through Japan in search of the samurai who smells of sunflowers, for example. Adventure anime often features a group of heroes, rather than just one or two protagonists. The shows below are both old new, featuring established shows like Cowboy Bebop and newer ones like Sword Art Online and Log Horizon. Give an upvote to the series below that you would highly reccommend to other fans, and downvote any that you've seen and didn't really enjoy. If a series is missing, please add it to the list so that others can vote for that show too!
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