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The Top Animation Studios

Updated 2 Oct 2019 20.4k views234 items

A list of top animation studios, both currently active and defunct. Studios in America, Asia, and Europe have all been included in this list of acclaimed and popular animation studios. These are the companies where development, production, and post-production of animated movies are all handled, from the writing to the drawing / illustrating and animating itself (although some companies do outsource).

Animation as we know it today has been going on for over a century. Initially, the primary division in animation technique was between traditional and stop-motion animation. Today, of course, we also have 2D Animation and 3D animation, both of which can be done with a computer. Processes within these techniques include puppet animation, claymation, and of course traditional cel animation. This list of animation studios includes all processes and techniques for a comprehensive view of the top animation companies in the world today.

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