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The Top Blazin' Hip-Hop Songs You Need in Your Running Mix

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I've been running for 4 years now. And trust me, before that, the only time you would have seen me run was from danger. But as I've grown as a runner, I've learned the right music can push you beyond your (mental) limits. This list is a compilation of some of my favorite hip-hop songs to listen to while running. Why hip-hop? Because there's something about someone telling you to stay on your grind that will inspire you to give that extra effort. Some are included because the beat is a good running rhythm, and others also include some great words of inspiration. If you're a runner, try them out. If you're not, well I just made you a pretty good mix tape.

Also: These songs are in no particular order. They could work on shuffle, you could arrange them to fit with the type of run you are planning to do. It's up to you!
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    Ghostface Killah Daytona 500

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    This is just an amazing song. Ghost does have that s**t that will keep you vibin, and this song will bring out your finest running.
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    Common Go

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    Common is one of my favorite MC's. And this song is great, and sort of an obvious choice for a running mix, except that it's not about running (wink). But the melody is great, especially for a mid-run,"I just need something to keep the pace I'm at" song.
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    Outkast BOB

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    Ranker isn't letting me edit this so it's "B.O.B." (Bombs Over Baghdad) not "BOB". Whatever. Anyways, this is a great song to run too, the fast beat will push you to run a little bit faster, and the steady back beat will keep you on pace. It's also a great song to use if you're doing speed work.
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    Nas Let There Be Light

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    This is a great song to have on longer runs. It's a great thinking song, a great "yes running is hard, but I can do this. Look how far I've already gone." Sometimes you need a fast song with a good beat, sometimes you need a more slowed down introspective song to let your mind focus. And running is the greatest thinking exercise.
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