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'Top Chef' Contestants: Where Are They Now?

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Bravo's cooking competition series Top Chef is one of the best cooking shows on television, as well as the most prestigious. Top Chef contestants are all established chefs looking to break through to the next level. Their cooking skills are above average, their knowledge of cuisine and the culinary world is excellent, and their food is delicious. Top Chef winners and fan favorites cooked up tasty dishes during their seasons, but where are they now? 

The cheftestants who won Top Chef, along with talented fan favorites, have very often been able to take their prize money and prestige from appearing on the show and turn it into a beautiful new restaurant (or two or three), a cookbook deal, a media brand, or all three! From Michael Voltaggio's Ink to Stephanie Izard's Girl in the Kitchen to Marcel Vigneron's dozens of television appearances, the most memorable Top Chef contestants are cooking up successful careers following their seasons.

Some viewers don't like Top Chef because they can't taste the food. But now you can visit the restaurants of these contestants, and dig in to the delectable culinary creations they're whipping up now, getting not just a delicious meal, but a connection to your favorite cooking show.

What are the Top Chef winners doing now? Click through the list below to see how your favorite chefs who won Top Chef, or at least held a special place in viewers' hearts are doing today.

  • Photo: Bravo

    Stephanie did very consistent work throughout her season, despite not demonstrating a whole lot of personality. By winning season 4 she became the first female Top Chef though many fans believed the title should have gone to Richard Blais. Blais's cooking dominated the season, but when he "choked" in the finale Stephanie was able to grab the title.

    After her win Stephanie was able to open Girl and the Goat in Chicago. The restaurant was well received and led to her Girl In The Kitchen cookbook.

  • Hosea Rosenberg

    Photo: Bravo

    Known as the least entertaining Top Chef winner, Hosea did stir up some controversy by canoodling with one of the female cheftestants. Hosea's season focused much more on the brash Europeans, Fabio and Stefan. Stefan had a decent chance to win in the finale, but lost to Hosea when the judges found Stefan's dessert uninspired.

    After Top Chef Hosea founded the Blackbelly line of culinary businesses, catering weddings and farm to table food events.

  • Carla Hall

    Photo: Bravo

    Before she appeared on Top Chef Carla Hall had already been both an accountant and a model. She started at a food delivery service before becoming a restaurant chef, and then a caterer. On season 5 she was consistently upbeat and likable. She cooked unfussy food and claimed that love was the most important ingredient.

    After her loss in season 5, Carla reappeared on Top Chef: All Stars in season 8, where she won fan favorite. Carla made appearances demonstrating her cooking and philosophy around the talk show circuit before landing a lucrative regular gig on the weekday talk show The Chew.

  • Photo: Bravo

    Fabio Viviani showed clear cooking skills throughout season 5, at least when he was able to cook Italian food. Fabio brought Italian flair to the show not only with his cooking, but with the gregarious personality that won him fan favorite for the season and made his bromance with Stefan Richter one of Top Chef's more entertaining subplots.

    Since appearing on the show, Fabio has built himself into quite a brand. He has made television appearances, opened numerous restaurants, penned cookbooks, and even sold cookware on QVC (the ladies love him). Fabio also runs the Mercato chain and Siena Tavern in Chicago.