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The Top Christian Songs on YouTube

The best Christian musicians know how to rock out and honor God! This list features some of the most popular songs from the most popular Christian musicians, bands, and artists on YouTube. All of the songs featured on this list have topped 1 million YouTube views, and represent the most frequently-searched for and sought after Christian songs spanning a variety of genres, from hip-hop to modern rock to gospel. Some of the videos included are the official music videos for the songs, though in other cases, when they had higher view counts, live performances or illustrated montages have been used.

If you're looking from some good Christian music created by the best God-loving bands out there, this list of famous Christian songs is for you. Whether you want to worship with Gospel rock or just relax with wholesome songs with a religious theme, you can pretty much make this list of the best Christian music on YouTube the soundtrack of your life. Old and young Christians alike will enjoy spending some time with these awesome songs. Amen!