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The Top Clips of Jon Stewart Destroying Fox News  

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These are the top clips of Jon Stewart destroying Fox News. The last few weeks have spawned some of the greatest moments that Jon Stewart's Daily Show has ever seen. Showing the American public why Fox News is the worst news channel in the world seems like a personal quest of Stewart's because he is doing a really good job of it. So in honor of this, here are the latest clips, as well as 8 other recent classics of Jon Stewart using "logic" and "facts" to demonstrate why Fox News is pretty much wrong about everything. It's not because they're conservative, it's because they're dumb.

Fox News claims to be "fair and balanced" but their conservative bias is evident in everything they do. Fox News anchors, from Bill O'Reilly to Bernie Goldberg (both of whom have gone head to head with Stewart) are obviously just puppets and they say whatever the teleprompter tells them to but that doesn't relieve them of the responsibility of being honest. In the past the way Fox got away with it was by claiming that at certain times of the day their channel was Fox News but at others it is Fox Opinion. If you look at the facts however it is clear that they do not make any distinction really between the two and they do lots of "opinion" pieces during their regular news program. Fox News is simply the scum of the Earth and you will see after watching these videos exactly how bad they are.

What is the best clip of Jon Stewart (not John Stewart, that's a a different person probably) destroying Fox News? Take a look here and you'll find some of the best of Stewart on this list.
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Jon Stewart vs. Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace

Jon takes on heavy ridicule from Chris Wallace with Wallace illustrating quotes and videos of Stewart from 'The Daily Show' and other places. But, Stewart defends the attacks with reason and explains to Wallace that Wallace is a part of a conservative activist structured network. Stewart attacks Wallace by claiming that he is part of an ideological regime and that Wallace is solely taking marching orders.

Jon Stewart and Chris Wallace argue about Stewart's intentions, but Stewart reminds Wallace that he is ultimately a comedian and that comes before anything political he says or does. Jon reminds the viewers that he satirizes the political structure and there's always been someone in the world that has done that.

At times the interview gets a bit heated, but ultimately Stewart ends with a bit of a smile and tells Wallace that he's a good man. However, the interview is filled with Stewart reminding everyone how corrupt the Fox Network is and that according to just about every poll the Fox News viewers are the most misinformed.
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Jon Stewart vs. Fox News' Bernie Goldberg

The war between Bernie Goldberg, Fox News host and Jon Stewart began with Stewart's comment to Fox News: "Go f--- yourselves."

Goldberg fires back at the "funnyman" telling Stewart that he "better find some guts" if he truly wants to be a social commentator.

Bernie's most surprising argument: "Guess what, you're not nearly as edgy as you think you are, you're just a safe Jay Leno with a much smaller audience but you get to say the F bomb which gives your incredibly unsophisticated audience the illusion that you're a courageous renegade."

Stewart then responds by explaining himself as a comedian, how comedians do social commentary through comedy. "I have not moved out of the comedian's box into the news box. The news box is moving towards me."

Stewart then argues that "You can’t criticize me for not being fair and balanced. That’s your slogan, which, by the way, you never follow!"

His final point: "I know I criticize you and Fox News a lot, but only because you’re a terrible, cynical and disingenuous news organization."

He then breaks out in song and dance with a choir behind him, with the audience singing along, "Go F---- Yourselves!"


(Scroll to 11:15 for the song)
Proof Of Fox Not Being
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Proof Of Fox Not Being "Fair And Balanced"

After Sarah Palin used Fox's tagline to describe the type of news she likes and how the mainstream media is "broken" on Jay Leno's Tonight Show (before he became the root of all evil), Jon Stewart couldn't help but remark on how every single thing she was saying was actually the opposite of a little thing we all like to call "reality".

She says she joined Fox because they were "fair and balanced"...



After he goes nuts, he calms himself down and remembers what Bill O'Reilly told him. There is a Fox News and then there's Fox Opinion. Fox News reports "news" between the hours of 9AM and 4PM and then 6PM to 8PM.

So, the newest show that actually fits in that "news" timeslot called "America Live" HAS to be fair and balanced right?


Stewart shows clips of Fox News pundits all giving one-sided opinions and claiming that the public opinion polls agreed with them. A clip from Megyn Kelly hosted show had four "randomly" selected people comment on the health care summit.

Somehow, they all agreed that the bill is a terrible idea and that they don't want it "jammed down their throats," which is a phrase used by countless Fox News hosts, as shown in a series of clips.

He then went on to discuss Fox News' inconsistent polling... aaand disproving one of their latest attempts to claim that they are not only reliable, but impartial.

It seems that none of this would be that bad if it weren't for the fact that they just WON'T admit what they're doing.

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Where Is This Evil Money Coming From To Build The Ground Zero Mosque?...

Now since this clip precedes the next one and this list is in no particular order, here is the first in a kind of a 2-parter on how ridiculous Fox News' argument has been as far as the Ground Zero Mosque controversy goes.

Once again addressing the Ground Zero Mosque story, Jon Stewart shows clips from Fox News, with anchors and commentators all extremely "happy" for the building of the mosques and supportive for the freedom of religion in December.. but as we got closer to Fall almost every show on Fox News was opposed to the idea, even calling the f*ture building a "Command center for terrorist activity".

Stewart then shows another clip from Fox, which shows Eric Bolling holding an index card written with ink and highlighted in yellow, connecting Imam Rauf to possible dangerous parties; brewing fear of this guy (Imam Rauf) in the media and across the country.

Stewart points out that it's a dangerous game of guilt by association that can be played with anyone, a "6 degrees of people who don't eat bacon", if you will.

He then pulls out his own card highlighted in yellow connecting Rupert Murdoch to terrorists and concludes, "Is Fox News a terrorist a command center? I just don't know!"

He then uses a speech by Charlton Heston, popular actor, Republican and gun toter, to make the case against Fox News' argument against the Ground Zero mosque.