The Top Clothing Brands For Men

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The best clothing brands for men come in a range of price points and styles, voted on by thousands of stylish, dapper, well-dressed men. Familiarizing yourself with the biggest men's clothing designers in the world can help you find your personal style regardless if you're old or young. From high fashion and expensive luxury brands, like Gucci and Armani, to cool and trendy casual apparel companies, like Nike and Calvin Klein, there are all kinds of different men's fashion brands. Whether you're looking for the most famous brand name clothes or the current trendiest clothing line, this list of the most popular guys clothing brands has something for everyone. Also, don't forget to dress your feet with these monthly socks subscription boxes.

With so many good mens clothing brands, help your fellow man by voting up the top male designer brands. Get familiar with these trendy clothing brand names and logos, and add any new, cool, or international menswear brands missing from the list. If you're looking for branded shirts or the coolest men's clothing stores, this is a great place to start.

Most divisive: American Eagle Outfitters
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