Best Of 2014 The Top Conspiracy Theories of 2014  

Mike Rothschild
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2014 was a banner year for new conspiracy theories. Between the Ebola pandemic, the crash of two different Malaysia Airlines jets, a midterm election, and the deaths of several prominent celebrities, conspiracy theorists had no shortage of material with which to concoct their interconnected stories of the Powers that Be manipulating our world. From the Flight 370 conspiracy theory to what the Illuminati was up to in 2014, there was no shortage of fodder for conspiracy junkies and bloggers.

Here are the most interesting, most unbelievable, and most perplexing conspiracy theories of the year. Read on, but beware what happens to those who know too much! These modern conspiracies might never become as widely believed as some of the most popular conspiracies, but they certainly dominated the news and the blogosphere during 2014.

The government, Obama, Bill Gates, Robin Williams, and many others were pulled into the conspiracy theory world in 2014, but how believable are the theories that surround them? Read through the 2014 conspiracy theories list and decide for yourself!

The CDC Created Ebola

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Ebola is actually a man-made virus, engineered to cull the population. The proof is that the Centers for Disease Control patented a strain of the virus in 2010 – the same strain that caused a pandemic in 2014.

The CDC did, in fact, patent a strain of Ebola in 2010, called Ebola Bundibugyo. The purpose of this was not to wipe out mankind or profit from a vaccine for the strain, but to protect work they’d done to isolate this previously unknown type of the virus.

In any case, the Supreme Court ruled several years later that naturally-occurring genes can’t be patented, so don’t expect to see this come up for whatever the next viral scare is. Additionally, the strain of Ebola that plagued West Africa wasn’t Ebola Bundibugyo, but Ebola Zaire – a genetically different version.

Ebola Is Coming Into America Through Mexico

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President Obama will allow Ebola to enter America through the border with Mexico to exert control over U.S. citizens.

With the furor over illegal immigration, it became easy pickings for conspiracy theorists and Obama opponents to tie the issue to Ebola. However, this never came to pass, as not a single case of Ebola was reported anywhere south of the U.S., and none of the patients in America who were diagnosed with the virus came into the country through Mexico. It simply never happened.

President Obama Planned the Ebola Outbreak to Declare Martial Law

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President Obama wanted the Ebola virus to hit America so he could declare martial law, grab sweeping emergency powers, or enable a Muslim takeover of the country. Or punish America for not being leftist enough.

After the Ebola pandemic blew over in the United States, it was easy to see that, again, none of these things happened. In fact, it might be more accurate to speculate that the very fear of an Ebola-caused government takeover existed only in the minds of those who profited from the pushing of such a theory – people like TV and radio hosts, far right bloggers, and conservative elected officials facing an imminent election.

The Ebola Outbreak Was Caused By Vaccines

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The Ebola outbreak was caused by vaccines forced on African people by Bill Gates and the United Nations.

As soon as the Ebola pandemic broke out in West Africa, anti-vaccine proponents began to speculate that it wasn’t caused by a virus at all, but by vaccination programs carried out by the U.N. There was also speculation that the Ebola outbreak was only engineered so Big Pharma could profit off an experimental, fast-tracked vaccine called ZMapp.

This speculation was stoked almost entirely by a small cadre of anti-vaccine advocates, working with already proven biases against vaccines and those who develop them. Most had no scientific research to back them up, and were based only on wild speculation and delusion that “they” were out to poison us with chemicals and get rich off it. Some even got basic facts wrong, including the name of the experimental drug. None of it had any validity, and it was soon forgotten.