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Chino Fernandez
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Many things we use in civilian life were invented by the military, such as radar and the Internet. But sometimes, military ideas can miss the mark. They sometimes lead to inventions that utterly fail, or are just plain crazy. Here are a few weird military inventions that looked good on paper (or not even good at times), but when executed, spelled disaster.
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Parasite Fighters

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Hanging fighter planes on bigger aircraft was an idea tried out during the early days of flight. The Russians tried it with the Zveno, mounting Polikarpov I-16 fighters under TB-3s. The Germans tried it in World War 2 with the Mistel concept, using several types of aircraft. The U.S. Air Force tried it with blimps. It built two, the USS Macon and USS Akron, meant to carry propeller aircraft. It also made the XF-85 Goblin to work with a B-36 bomber. The thing is, after drop-off, the fighters likely can't hook up again. The logistics required for the idea, as well as the difficulty of undocking and docking planes while in flight, proved too troublesome for it to be executed properly. 
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Ball Tank

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Something that probably inspired GI Joe vehicles in later years. Someone thought the best shape for a tank would be a ball. Outer sections of the ball act as wheels, keeping the crew compartment steady. No tracks or suspension to worry about. The crew would be well protected. The thing is, the design doesn't allow you to see what's going on outside. And there's no guarantee the ball will stay balanced all the way. It's just too... unstable an idea to get to work well. 
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Cannon Scooter

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This was an improvisation actually used by French in Vietnam. Since they were cut off from vital supply lines, they had to make do with what was there. Such as recoilless rifles and Vespa scooters. Obviously, they did not fire these on the move; the scooters were anchored when the operators took up firing position. Probably it did not make a stable firing platform as hoped.
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Corkscrew Tank

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The corkscrew tank technically makes use of the Archimides screw principle. Since many vehicles get caught in mud, it was found that vehicles using corkscrew production move through them easily. Nice idea - except that they work only in mud, they wouldn't work anywhere else. 
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