The Best Directors of the '90s

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List of the top directors of the 90s. Nothing is more in fashion now than nineties nostalgia. Well, these top directors of the 1990's are partly responsible for the entertainment greatness we saw during that decade. The nineties was an interesting time for actors turning into critically-acclaimed directors, as we saw with Tim Robbins (Bob Roberts), Robert Redford (Quiz Show), and Clint Eastwood (Unforgiven).
The 1990's was also the decade of Mike Leigh and the Cohen Brothers for those offbeat movie lovers. Spike Lee also crushed the 90's in the director chair with some of his finest efforts, including Malcolm X and Summer of Sam. The reign of M. Night Shyamalan also took off in the 1990's cinema landscape after The Sixth Sense grabbed audiences worldwide. Before the 21st century kicked in, we had classics like Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia and Silence of the Lambs, while Sam Mendes put up a scary mirror to the USA with his ode to the 90's in American Beauty.
Most divisive: Kevin Smith
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