The Top Earning American Idol Alumni

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Top Selling American Idol Alumni from 2014

"American Idol" has been on the air, creating new superstars since 2002. Since then, its winners have gone on to varying degrees of success. This is a list of the top-earning "American Idol "Alumni in 2014. These numbers are based on album sales, concert tickets sales and various other merchandise sales. 

It is not surprising that such a nationally televised event is able to create music superstars, but it is amazing that "American Idol" can make legitimate success stories. These top-grossing performers include Kelly Clarkson (winner of the very first season), Daughtry, Taylor Hicks, Jennifer Hudson and the top-grossing artist of all, Carrie Underwood. 

This list compiles the earnings from 2014 and will be updated by year.