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The best country songs on this list are all from great female artists, modern and classic. It's not always easy being a woman in the music business, but these women have done a great job at putting themselves out there with their art and their best work. Though the women on this list may come from different sub genres, like country pop, or from different decades, one thing's for sure: They reach out to ears across the world who love their music. Which song performed by a woman is the best?

These are songs from top country artists such as Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood, as well as older, classic country artists like Dolly Parton. Vote up the best female country songs below, or add one you think is the best if it isn't already on the list.
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Dolly Parton

Classic Dolly Parton song in which a woman begs another to stop having an affair with her husband.

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This powerful ballad helped make Dolly Parton an icon.

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Patsy Cline's lonesome and iconic voice helped this tune become a classic.

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Autobiographical tale about Loretta Lynn's life.
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Patsy Cline
Another song bolstered by Cline's emotional voice.
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Dolly Parton
This song was an emotional hit for Dolly, telling the tale of her childhood as a poor young girl.
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Reba McEntire song about a girl who grows up in poverty, only to make something of herself.

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Carrie Underwood

Another female power anthem about getting revenge.

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Dolly Parton
Another Dolly Parton anthem made a hit with its feature in the Parton movie of the same name.
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Tammy Wynette
A country tune that became so iconic for its backwards message 
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This emotional song was a hit for Lee Ann Womack that is still played at life's many special occasions.

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Miranda Lambert's first #1 hit came in this song about her childhood.
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Trioxin245 added Deana Carter
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Shania Twain
Shania Twain was at the forefront of the country mainstream explosion of the 1990s with this tune.
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Shania Twain

A Shania crossover hit that appealed to both mainstream and country audiences with its country roots and romantic notions.

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Shania Twain
First #1 hit for Twain about how great any man has to be in order to be with her.
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Another rockin' female empowerment song from Shania Twain

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Carrie Underwood
Female anthem in which Carrie Underwood wishes away past relationships.
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A powerful Martina McBride song about a woman leaving a bad relationship.
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Faith HIll

Faith Hill also burst onto the scene in the 1990s, carving out a large chunk of the country scene for herself with "Breathe" and other hits.

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Miranda Lambert

A powerful song inspired by Miranda Lambert's parents' PI business.

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Miranda Lambert
This rocking revenge country hit from Miranda Lambert established her as a huge name in country.
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Reba McEntire
#1 Reba hit that made women think twice about their everyday, ordinary lives.
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Faith Hill
This peppy, fun loving song was a huge hit for Hill.
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LeAnn Rimes