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List Rules Made up cats, that are well known, (Unless you live under a rock like patrick the starfish.

Basically I started a list of famous to semi famous fictional cats. I know theres all those logo brand cats like for frosted flakes and cheeto's, I simply started the list.

I was going to put more warrior cats up, but decided plenty of people know exactly what they are.

Cats you could add yourself range from tigger, basement cat ,nyan cat, Aslan(from narnia)
That cat from sgt. frog anime who's name escapes me, and Chi that one kids anime show with star being black striped light grey and white cat.
As long as its feline and not some neko eared anime girl ,its A ok with me.
 Cat pokemon allowed and big cats and such, even things like hello kitty.
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Pretty famous by now that you should know in general who he is.
Likes lasagna , sleeping and kicking the his dog companion Oddie.
 Owned by John Arbuckle.
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Scourge, one of the misunderstood and tragic "bad guy s" in the first series of Warrior Cats books, by Erin hunter.
Simply do to people being total jackass's to him since he was small and defenseless, he forced himself to adapt to the harsh 
world around himself. Thus becoming , A blood thirsty, merciless cat. Who then founded bloodclan.(Not a real clan because did not believe in or receive guidance from starclan or abide by the clans warrior code.)
 Sought revenge on Tigerstar for almost killing him as a small clueless kit, who adventures into the forest unaware a claw happy thunderclan apprentice was nearby.
Has his own manga, even though its only one book long, and is finished, its a good read, and explains his sad past.
 If I put anymore about him on here I feel like I will spoil first series so. This description is short for a reason.
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That troll of a cat from the Alice in wonderland. THat disappears one minute. And reappears the next.
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Happy is a flying cat that Natsu hatched from a egg, on the anime tv show Fairytail.
 He assists the guild , all the while, always being beside his master Natsu.
 He can also fly and talk.