Travel These Local Restaurants Are The Country's Most Famous, For A Very Specific Reason  

Rebecca High

There's nothing better than to find the right blend of flavor and culture, and these US restaurants top the list when it comes to finding the perfect blend that represents their region. Of course, there are the classic food items associated with various states: Florida has its oranges, and Maine has its lobster. But this video explores some restaurants across the US that utilize those local ingredients and truly capture the essence of their locales.

Often overlooked for its tiny, un-intimidating status, the state of Delaware gets a nod to its traditional recipes at A(muse) with local, sustainable, and fresh ingredients including seafood, produce, and homemade pasta. And further south, the great southern tradition of chicken and waffles has made a name for itself since 1959 at a little unassuming spot called H & H in Macon, Georgia.

Meanwhile, Alaska promotes its big game at a steakhouse-turned-funeral parlor called Club Paris, and boasts fresh Atlantic seafood like Red King Crab and in-house smoked meats.

But which state and restaurant serve the mightiest blend of tradition and deliciousness? The answer might surprise you — watch this video to find out!