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The Top Five WWE Superstars Who Won The Highest Number of Titles

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List RulesTitle are the most important thing in WWE

A lot of people like to dispute who the best superstar of all time is. Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Ric Flair, are all names that come up in those arguments. But who are the top guys in WWE history? Being someone with somewhat severe OCD, I couldn’t just pick some names out of a hat and order them how I like. So, I did some research. I looked at every guy, every title history, everything. I managed to come up with a Top 5 Superstars of all time based on their WWE accomplishments. These ratings are solely based on their accomplishments. If I were doing a top 5 in general, you would be seeing few different names on there. And if it was my top 5 favorite, you would see guys like Arn Anderson and Rick Rude, but it’s not. It is solely based on what they accomplished in the WWE.

Secondly, I don’t condone people using championships and accomplishments to name someone as the greatest of all time. Some of the all time greats like Mr. Perfect and Jake The Snake never won a world championship, and are still considered some of the greatest to have ever competed in the ring. Once again, this list if based on WWE accomplishments, no biased involved, for so anyone who want to comment stuff like “John Cena wasn’t number one this isn’t fair”, don’t. It’s a factually correct list. Let’s go!

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