Fox News The Top 12 Fox News FAILS of 2012  

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List Rules A list of the notable Fox News blunders of the year

This is a list of the biggest, most epic Fox News fails of the past year, as ranked by experts and fans alike.

While even Fox News admits that most of their shows are not actually "news", viewers still expect them to get their facts straight. Unfortunately for the network (and the IQs of those who watch), this does not always happen. Perhaps this is why several studies indicate that FNC fans know less about the news than people who watch no news at all? Just throwing it out there...

From denying Barack Obama's re-election, to talking to obvious plants from the Romney campaign as if they were ordinary citizens to broadcasting an actual suicide on live television, Fox News has committed more than its fair share of blunders in the year 2012. Some are amusing, others downright frightening. Here are the past year's biggest fails of America's most popular "news" network.

Please rank this list of the top Fox News fails of 2012. And if you don't see your favorite blunders, feel free to add it so that others can vote for them.

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Car Chase Ends With a Suicide on Live TV

It's always fascinating to consider why Americans are so enraptured with car chases. Perhaps it's their own little slice of NASCAR playing out from the highways of the United States to the small towns across the country. I say we blame the car chase craze on O.J. Simpson, the pioneer of the prime time news helicopter feed, and his low-speed car chase through the streets of Orange County for instilling in our population the need to drop everything and plant themselves in front of a TV every time a criminal refuses to turn himself in.

Cut to Fox News anchor Shephard Smith who seems to be having a bang-up time calling the events of a car chase as they unfold in Tanopah, Arizona. He watches in absolute wonderment as the man piloting a carjacked vehicle pulls off into an area on the side of the road sparsely populated with plant life. Postulates Smith: "Maybe this is home...maybe he's taking the carjacked victim to the victim's house."

You know, if one of them lived on a dirt patch in the middle of effing nowhere. 

Now, as you find out later, as soon as the driver left the road, Fox News went on a delay, just in case something bad like, oh I don't know, the man exposing his bare ass, were to happen. Let's reiterate before we carry on: Fox was on a delay in case something bad happened. 

Smith offers his commentary from the time the driver exits the vehicle, saying "you wait for the end of these things and then you worry how they may end" and then noting, as he runs deep into into an open field, that he "might be on something". As the man settles upon an open patch of dirt and brush, he pulls out a gun and 


The live feed stays on it for about two seconds, then cuts back to Smith in the studio repeatedly saying to get off the footage (translate: use that delay that was set up in case something bad happened). Obviously, something like a nip slip (Janet Jackson) is vulgar and filthy and should have no place on the televisions of God-fearing Americans, but a man killing himself in real time: that's entertainment.

Fox News Find the One Voter Under 30 Supporting Romney (Because He Lost a Bet)

Max Rice is the voice of a younger generation. A recent college graduate, he was sought out by Fox News & Friends to represent the voice of a segment of voters disillusioned by the actions of President Obama in his first term who were now ready to vote for Romney. 

Let's break down Max's interview with Gretchen Carlson play-by-play.

When introduced to the viewing public, Max greets to the Fox News audience with a casually arrogant 'sup, and waves to the viewers.

Next, he greets the host not as "Gretchen" or "Ms. Carlson", but as "Miss USA", only to be corrected by Carlson who notes that she was Miss America. Dick. Max quickly recovers, telling Carlson she's Miss Universe in his book. 

Niceties behind them, Carlson introduces Max as a voter who chose Obama in 2008 and is now putting his vote in with the Republicans in this campaign. She then asks what happened in the last 3 1/2 years to make him change his position and instead of answering, he nods at the camera, grabs a Starbucks cup (which we have to assume was filled with something brown that was not coffee) and says "I was a huge Obama supporter in 2008. I met him in third grade". 

Carlson is, at this point, still undeterred. She asks Max, "Why now are you supporting Mitt Romney?". His answer: I lost a basketball game. 

This is possibly the most brilliant interview given on Fox News. Even after Max says the reason he's voting Republican is because he lost a bet, the interview carries on. If I had seen this interview before the election, I would have voted for Max.


Fox News Stops Interview After Guest Accuses Them of Being Wing of the Republican Party

News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, lists their purpose for existing as "creating and distributing top-quality news, sports and entertainment around the world". Perhaps Fox News is more focused on the "entertainment" aspect of that mission statement, because when Tom Ricks was interviewed to give some insight into a firefight in Benghazi and the potential nomination of Susan Rice to Secretary of State, anchor Jon Scott was obviously not amused by what Ricks had to say. Namely that 

Fox News is a Wing of the Republican Party.

Words uttered, interview ends. Amazing that they can get a harmless man speaking words off the air in the matter of a second, but when there's a five second delay on the broadcast, they can't stop a live suicide from making it on the air. Priorities. Fox News obviously has theirs straight.


Fox News Claims President Obama Chose Sit-Down With Pirate Over Israeli PM

Unlike many of the stodgier US Presidents before him, President Obama is pretty widely known as being a cool guy. He smoked pot in high school, he plays basketball, he does interviews with all the cool people, and he brews his own beer. C'mon, the guy is totally likable. So are you at all surprised that Obama is a fan of colorful bird-having, extra "Rrrr" using pirates? A big enough fan that in 2009 he dressed up speechwriter Cody Keenan in a pirate costume and took pictures? Of course you're not! He's Barry Obams!

Fox News, however, saw the picture on Twitter during 2012's Pirate celebrations and IMMEDIATELY assumed the President was too busy entertaining pirates to the Oval Office to make time to extend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the same invitation. They were so enraged upon seeing the picture that they took to the airwaves and blasted the President and his foreign policy on Fox News & Friends. 

Brian Kilmeade, host of the program, asserted that the picture had been take the previous day saying that "this pirate got a sit-down at the Oval Office yesterday" insinuating that the President would rather make time for cartoon pirates than heads of state. His cohort Steve Doocy got in on the action saying "so much for Middle East peace". 

Of course, we all know (because we read the beginning of this story) the pirate had long left the Oval Office, and the "fine people" at Fox News were just running with a story put up sans-fact check by The Drudge Report. Oops. Of course, when it was brought to the hosts' attention that the picture they were up in arrrrms (had to) about was taken years before, they felt no need to apologize on-air and simply tweeted "the picture we aired this morning of the President and a pirate was from 2009". Klassy.