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Total Nerd The Top French Game Developers  

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A list of the best French game developers. These are video game developers currently headquartered in France. Video game development is a specialized type of software development focusing on games. These games can be for any type of computer whether it be game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, mobile platforms such as the iPhone or iPad, or traditional computers such as PC and Macintosh. Who is the best French video game developer?  

Developers often further specialize into a specific type of genre, whether it be RPG's, FPS's, or RTS's. Unlike regular software development, game development can also trek into the territory of Hollywood, requiring work from writers, artists, and actors to complete their projects. You can tell that a game has been manufactured by a French video game publisher and developer if it is from a major French brand like Ubisoft. Ubisoft is the largest French video game developer and publisher and is widely considered to be the best. 

What are your favorite video games? Who are the best French Video Game Developers? This list seeks to an answer that question.

52 9
Ubisoft Video game, Interactive entertainment, Video game industry - Located in: Montreuil-sous-Bois Founded in: 1986

24 11
Quantic Dream Video game, Interactive entertainment - Located in: Paris Founded in: 1997

20 11
Gameloft Interactive entertainment, Video game industry - Located in: Paris Founded in: 1999

14 7
Cyanide Located in: Nanterre Founded in: 2000

8 7
Lennie Moore Video game industry, Video game - Located in: Villeurbanne Founded in: 1983

7 8
Eugen Systems Video game, Video game industry - Located in: Paris Founded in: 2000

5 6
Etranges Libellules Located in: Lyon Founded in: 1994

5 7
Asobo Studio Located in: Bordeaux Founded in: 2002

3 8
F4 Video game - Located in: Paris Founded in: 2002