The 10 Most Horrible Bosses of All Time

We've all had a bad boss or two, one that makes us stay later than we want to, doesn't pay us enough or makes us do demeaning things like take out their trash when it's full. Bad bosses get a lot worse than that, though. From firing an employee who just donated a kidney to the boss to one that made staffers tattoo his birthday on their necks, to one who installed sniper towers and canons when workers asked for a raise, these are the worst, most horrible, bad bosses of all time.

Who are the worst bosses ever? If you think you've got it bad, just read a few of these and come into work tomorrow morning at peace with the fact that your bad boss isn't going to fire you over liking a Facebook page. All of the bad bosses you've ever had likely don't even compare to the worst bosses of all time. And if they do, maybe it's time you looked for a better place to work.