The Best K-pop Solo Artists Of The 2010s

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One is never the loneliest number for the best K-pop solo artists of the decade, ranked by fans everywhere. Featuring popular Korean music from some of the biggest Kpop stars today, this list of the top 2010s K-pop solo musicians, rappers, and singers includes famous idols and underrated artists. From IU and Chungha to Taemin and J-Hope, the 2010s decade was blessed with so many good K-pop solo acts.  

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  • Jimin
    886 votes

    "95 Graduation" (2014)

    "Lie" (2016)

    "Intro: Serendipity" (2017)

  • J-Hope
    687 votes
    • Albums: Hope World

    "Daydream" (2018)

    "Airplane" (2018)

    "Chicken Noodle Soup" (2019)

  • Suga
    K-pop, Hip hop
    568 votes

    "It Doesn't Matter" (2013)

    "Give It To Me" (2016)

    "Ddaeng" (2018)

  • Taemin
    257 votes

    "Danger" (2014)

    "Move" (2017)

    "Want" (2019)