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The Top MBA Employers

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List of the top 100 companies where MBA students would most like to work. These are the employers that most excite the next generation of businesspeople, as chosen by current MBA students. (The poll was originally conducted by Fortune and run in CNN Money.)

Companies that most appeal to business grads and MBAs have several things in common. Frequently, they are large, profitable, successful companies, considered to be leaders in their respective industries. (Most - but not all - can be found in the Fortune 500 list.) Many of them are famous brands or companies associated with beloved consumer or entertainment products - these include Google, Apple, Walt Disney and Nike. Still others are simply thought of as among the wealthiest corporations, or the kinds of companies at which younger employees can rise most quickly to high-paying, elite status. These would include investment banks and venture capital firms such as Bain & Company and Goldman Sachs.

Though it may not be possible to quantify exactly why future businesspeople want to work for Johnson & Johnson or Microsoft, what is clear is that these companies are leading the way in American innovation and are exciting to a new generation of leaders and executives.

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