The Top Must-See Attractions in Athens

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List of best things to do in Athens. This list ranks the top attractions in Athens, Greece, one of the world's oldest cities. Athens is well-known for its ancient history, renowned monuments and intriguing archeological sites, including the Parthenon and Acropolis. There are many major attractions and interesting places to visit in Athens as well as it being a gateway to the best islands in Greece

Athens is famous for its ancient Greek philosophers, notably Plato and Aristotle, and as the site for the first modern Olympic Games in the 19th century. Athens is credited as the birthplace modern Western civilization and democracy, and each year tourists flock to Athens to view the landmarks of the modern era. Some of Athens' most fascinating sites include the famous ruins of classical architecture such as the Ancient Agora, a marketplace that was the center of all public and political life in ancient Athens. The famed Pathenon is also a major attraction in Athens, drawing millions of tourists each year to visit the massive temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. The Parthenon is not only a symbol of Ancient Greece and the Athenian Empire, it's also an everlasting symbol of western civilization, power and democracy. 

Modern Athens was host to the 2004 Olympic Games and has always been a place of destination for travelers. Today, Athens holds the largest archaeological museum in Greece and several other important museums for Byzantine and Cycladic art. Athens is also home to the most theatrical stages than any other city in the world, and remains as a city devoted to entertainment and performing arts as was the ancient city.

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