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The Top Must-See Attractions in Barcelona

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List of top things to do in Barcelona. What are the most popular points of interest in Barcelona? This list ranks the best places to visit in Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain and a leading cultural and economic center in Europe. 

Barcelona is one of Spain's most popular cities to visit with its beaches and many tourist attractions that ranges from modern high-end hotels to historical sites, many of which have been declared World Heritage Sites. Barcelona is known for hosting the 1992 Summer Olympics, and though it's a large urban city, Barcelona is a great city to explore by foot. 

Since Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean Sea, expect to eat lots of fresh seafood and experience the Spanish tradition of tapas. What are tapas? Tapas are small plates of food meant to be shared over drinks, and Barcelona has a wide variety of tapas and wine bars.

To experience Barcelona's history, visiting the Gothic Quarter or Barri Gotic is a must. The Gothic Quarter is Barcelona's old city center with many buildings dating back to Medieval and Roman times. Barcelona also has many churches including the famous Sagrada Familia, the Roman Catholic church of Barcelona built over 130 years ago.

If you're visiting Barcelona for the first time, this list ranks Barcelona points of interest. Use this list as a travel guide to Barcelona, or add your own top tourist attractions of Barcelona.