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The Top Must-See Attractions in Beijing

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List of top things to do in Beijing. This list ranks the best attractions in Beijing, China. Known as one of the world's most populous city, visiting Beijing for the first time can be extensive. There are many places to visit in Beijing, but this is a list of Beijing's top attractions that can't be missed while sightseeing in China.

Beijing is famous for its Forbidden City, Beijing's historic city center that was the palace of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty of Imperial China. Today the palace is now known as the Palace Museum which houses an enormous collection of imperial Chinese art. Visitors can easily spend a full day exploring the Forbidden City, from the lavish palace to the opulent surrounding gardens and carefully preserved artifacts of the Ming Dynasty. It's one of the world's most important culturally historic sites, and visiting the Forbidden City is a top tourist site in Beijing.

Though there are many important historical places of interest in Beijing, the city is also known as one of the world's leading modern cities. Beijing was host to the 2008 Summer Olympics. The Beijing National Stadium is one of the city's modern architectural marvels. From Beijing's lush gardens to important historic sites and modern marvels, Beijing is one of the world's leading cultural cities with many treasure to discover.

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