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List of top attractions in Boston. This list ranks the best things to do in Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts. Boston is known for being one of the oldest cities in the United States with many key events such as the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre and the Battle of Bunker Hill traced back to Boston history and ultimately, United States history. 

Boston was founded by Puritan colonists from England in 1630, and since then, Boston has become a hub for higher education with more than 100 colleges and universities, including Boston University and Harvard, Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology nearby with a large presence in the city of Boston. Aside from Boston's rich roots in education, Boston attracts many tourists each year for the city's rich roots in American history. Faneuil Hall, Boston's marketplace and meeting hall since 1742, alone attractions millions of visitors each year and is one of America's most visited tourist sites list by Forbes. 

If you're visiting Boston in the fall, don't forget to take advantage of Boston's beautiful fall foliage. Visit the Boston Common, America's oldest public park, and take a stroll to admire the beauty of Boston's outdoor spaces designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed New York's famous Central Park. 

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  • Boston Common
    47 votes
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Boston Harbor
    35 votes

    Boston Harbor

    Massachusetts, USA
  • Beacon Hill
    34 votes

    Beacon Hill

    Massachusetts, USA
  • Old State House
    31 votes
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Public Garden
    42 votes

    Public Garden

    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • USS Constitution
    34 votes

    USS Constitution

    Boston, Massachusetts, USA