The Top Must-See Attractions in England

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List of top places to visit in England. What are the best things to do in England? This list ranks the most popular attractions in England. Though London is England's largest city and most popular for a tourist destination, England offers plenty of things to do beyond the best tourist attractions in London for those looking to experience authentic English culture, tradition and cuisine. 

England is known for it's quaint English countryside such as Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespeare's birthplace and where his wife, Anne Hathaway, lived as a child. England is also famous for its stone cathedrals, castles and unique natural environments, many of which are World Heritage Sites such as Durham Cathedral, Stonehenge, and the Jurassic Coast, a collection of seaside cliffs that date back 180 million years. 

England is rich with history that can be found all over the country. The Roman Baths in Bath, Somerset are a popular tourist destination featuring some of the best preserved architecture from Roman history. Once in Bath, stop by the Royal Crescent to see a fine example of Georgian architecture where many notable people have either lived or stayed. Today, students and visitors can be seen lounging in the grass in front of the crescent having a picnic, reading a book or even playing frisbee. 

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