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The Top Must-See Attractions in France

List RulesAny scenic location, monument or attraction you'd want to visit in France

List of must-see attractions in France that include the best sights throughout the entire country. Those include the best monuments, restaurants, shops, museums, and parks in France. From Paris to Nice and everything in between the country of France is vast and settled with varied terrain. You can visit the vineyards of Bordeaux, or the beautiful beaches of Corsica or Saint-Tropez. This list answers the question, ‘what are the must-see attractions in France?’ 

The capital of Paris has many sights in and of itself. From fine dining at Le Meurice to the gothic architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral. Take in all of Paris and its sweeping views from atop the the Eiffel Tower. Paris is divided into many districts, including the eclectic Marais that includes wonderful shopping and restaurants. The Traingle d’Or also features the flagship Dior, and Luis Vuitton stores. This list offers indoor activities like visiting many of France’s beautiful museums for the best art in the world. 

To get the most out of France, travel beyond Paris. There are many sights and landmarks to visit in France’s other regions. Many outdoor sites and activities are found here as well. The beaches of Normandy offer a look at World War II memorial sites. This list offers the most popular and idyllic destinations in France.