The Top Must-See Attractions in Istanbul

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List of best things to do in Istanbul. What are the top attractions in Istanbul, Turkey? This list ranks the most popular things to see and do in Istanbul. From the Golden Horn to the Grand Bazaar, there are plenty of things to experience in Istanbul. 

Although Istanbul is known for its famous mosques, the historic open-air markets selling trinkets, rugs, spices and jewelry continually draw visitors to the city year after year. The Grand Bazaar is Turkey's oldest and largest covered market that hundreds of thousands of visitors visit each day, though there are many other markets and shopping centers in Turkey that range from historic to modern. While visiting one of the many markets, be sure to nosh on typical Turkish cuisine. Kebabs and pilaf are two famous Turkish dishes. If you're looking for cheap and inexpensive things to do in Turkey, visiting the bustling markets is a great way to spend a day and get a taste of the Turkish culture and traditions.

Istanbul is a great walking and public transportation city. Use the tram to get across the city or a ferry across the Bosphorus, a strait sometimes known as the Istanbul Strait that separates Asia from Europe. Mosques are usually free and are open to visitors outside of times of worship. 

What are the best things to do in Istanbul? Use this list to rank Istanbul's most popular attractions. If your favorite tourist attractions in Istanbul aren't on the list of attractions in Istanbul, make sure to add them.

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