The Top Must-See Attractions in Los Angeles

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List of things to do in LA. What are the best things to do in Los Angeles? While surfing in California is a must for some, others might find inspiration indoors at one of the city's best museums. The possibilities are endless for someone visiting Los Angeles for the first time. From hiking the Hollywood Hills to celebrity spotting in Beverly Hills, there's a wide range of attractions in Los Angeles.

Though Los Angeles is known for its celebrities and movie stars, there are plenty of free things to do in LA. Because the weather in Southern California is always pleasant, there are many cheap things to do in Los Angeles if you're the outdoorsy type. Hiking up the Hollywood Hills is a must for the best views of Los Angeles and for the iconic Hollywood sign view. Not much of a hiker? Visit one of Los Angeles' beaches, including Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier and Malibu Beach, for palm trees and a taste of the California sun.

The city of Los Angeles is rich with history. Visit iconic spots such as the Hollywood Heritage Museum to learn about the history of Hollywood, then take a tour of Paramount Studios and visit the sound stages where movies like Forrest Gump have been filmed. The best attractions in LA aren't always the most obvious like the Hollywood Walk of Fame or Universal Studios, but the best things to see in Los Angeles is the real history of the entertainment industry in the iconic venues. Stop by the Chateau Marmont Hotel where celebrities can often be spotted grabbing a late dinner and drinks, or catch a show at the Troubadour, the legendary music nightclub that has hosted acts such as Elton John to Radiohead.

Looking for the best attractions in Los Angeles? Whether you're looking for a star-studded movie premiere in LA or fascinated by the city's rich culture, there are many things to see in Los Angeles. Vote up the city's best sights (or add some of your own), and use this list as a guide for your next trip to the City of Angels if you're asking yourself what to do in Los Angeles.
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