The Top Must-See Attractions in Switzerland

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List of best things to do in Switzerland. This list ranks the top attractions in Switzerland, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The Swiss are known for their strong Alpine culture, and many visitors flock to the famous ski resorts in Switzerland during the winter. Hiking and mountain biking are also two top Swiss activities during the summer. Switzerland is a diverse country, but outdoor recreation brings in most of the country's tourism industry. 

You can't leave Switzerland, of course, without indulging in cheese. The region is well-known for its Swiss cheese, including Gruyere and Emmental produced in the valleys of Switzerland. Swiss cuisine is similar to other European countries, especially its neighbors Germany, France and Italy. Wine, cheese and chocolate are among the top Swiss products to try in Switzerland. For chocolate lovers, Switzerland is the perfect country to indulge in fine chocolates. The Swiss are the world's largest consumers of chocolate.

Though Switzerland is one of the world's richest countries, traditional Swiss farms are still prevalent throughout the country. Swiss traditions in folk art are still alive in much of the country. For a true Swiss experience, see a traditional alphorn concert in Vals and listen to the yodeling that is the epitome of Swiss culture.  

What are the top things to do in Switzerland? This list ranks Switzerland's most popular tourist attractions, from ski resorts to quaint villages and beyond. If your favorite tourist spots in Switzerland aren't on the list of must-see spots in Switzerland, make sure to add them.
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