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The Top Must-See Attractions in Tokyo

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List of top things to do in Tokyo. This list ranks the top tourist attractions in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Tokyo is the world's largest populated metropolitan area in the world with the world's largest metropolitan economy. Tokyo is famous for its modern architecture and internationally acclaimed cuisine.

Tokyo is a lively city with many things to see. From the bustling city with modern skyscrapers to the cartoon culture of Harajuku with hip teenagers and fashion trends, Tokyo offers plenty of tourist attractions to see and experience. Though Tokyo is largely known for it's contemporary landscape, the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park offers a glimpse of historic Japanese culture with its extensive art collections.

Many visitors in Tokyo will notice that not many old buildings exist in the cityscape and have been replaced by modern skyscrapers and contemporary buildings. This is because much of Tokyo was left in ruins from an earthquake and then firebombing during World War II. Today, Tokyo is renowned for its architecture, including the Tokyo Skytree, the second tallest building in the world. Though Tokyo is famous for its urban city life, there are also many parks and gardens in Tokyo for visitors to enjoy. Along with Ueno Park, Yoyogi Park is a frequently visited attraction near the popular Meiji Shrine.

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